Top 5 Best Adjustable Table Legs Reviews In 2018

Having tables at home offers various benefits. They are good for storing things, for serving as desk where you can complete tasks, whether for work, or for other personal reasons. Unfortunately, one of the problems involved with most of these tables is that they are not generally adjustable when it comes to height.

For this reason, most manufacturers have come up with a solution to address this issue. This is made possible by using adjustable table legs. With the use table legs that can be adjusted, it is easier for you to customize your table depending on your actual needs and preferences. These table legs also make it a lot easier for you to change the position of your table, which translates to efficiency and productivity.

Still, there is a need to be cautious when it comes to choosing the best adjustable table legs. Among the things that you can keep in mind includes selecting a table leg that offers the right measurements, durability and maximum weight capacity. Take note that there are a lot of manufacturers in this industry, and they are trying their best to get your attention.

Rather than falling for the very first adjustable table leg that you find, why not spend some time in reviewing the available options on the market these days, compare the features, and choose the best one that will fit your needs and preferences.

Comparison Table: Best Adjustable Table Legs Reviews In 2018

Product Name Item Weight Dimensions Weight Capacity Rating
Hafele America Black Adjustable Table Leg Set 14 pounds 34 x 9 x 2 inches 220 pounds per leg 4.5/5
Edsal ABL30 Adjustable Height Industrial Grade Bench Leg 12.4 pounds 29 x 29 x 6.1 inches 4000 pounds per pair 4.5/5
AP Products 013-135 Adjustable Folding Table Leg 11.4 ounces 20.5 x 4 x 3 inches 50 pounds per leg 4/5
IKEA OLOV Adjustable Metal Table Legs 12.35 pounds 4.2  x 2.2 x 22.8 inches 28 pounds per leg 4/5
AP Products 013-070 Adjustable Folding Table Leg 1 pound 21 x 4.6 x 0.6 inches 80 pounds per leg 4/5


Hafele America Black Adjustable Table Leg Set – Best Overall Desk Leg Set

Top 5 Best Adjustable Table Legs Reviews

Are you looking for a table leg set that is strong enough to support a desk with a weight of more than 200 pounds? This adjustable table leg set introduced by Hafele America is a good option to take into consideration. This model is presented in a sturdy construction, manufactured using heavy duty steel, combined with powder coated for overall improved durability and strength. Every leg is 28 inches in length, and 2 inches in width.


The base of this table leg is also fitted with a leveler which can adjust is length from 28 to 29 inches. Its leveler also allows the table to sit with stability, even when installed on surfaces that are not even. Upon purchase, you can also expect to see a 4.5 inch, square shaped plate for mounting, allowing this table leg to be screwed easily on the tables. The legs are made of metal, which means that they are sturdier than wood, thus providing a longer lasting use for its owners. Unlike wood, metal is also relatively sturdier, giving you the balance that you require as you use these table legs.

For this set, there are four legs included, with each of them able to support up to a maximum of 200 pounds in weight. Since it comes in black color, it can easily compliment any desk that will be attached to it. As such, there is no need to worry about it looking awkward with the desk that goes with it. This table leg set is so popular that it has been labeled by Amazon as its Choice for Desk Legs.


  • Easy to attach to desk
  • Elegant black appearance
  • Supports up to 200 pounds maximum weight


  • Screws are relatively long

Edsal ABL30 Adjustable Height Industrial Grade Bench Leg – Best Bench Leg Model

Top 5 Best Adjustable Table Legs Reviews

Another top rated model of bench legs is the Edsal ABL30 bench leg. What the manufacturer of this product promises is taking the sturdiness and durability of these adjustable legs to a higher level. This bench is created using industrial grade mild steel. It has also been coated with powder, thus providing the assurance of increased protection against harmful elements in the surroundings, and improved strength overall.

This table leg also comes in a set of two highly dependable legs, designed with the capacity to support industrial grade benches, supporting up to a whooping 4000 pounds weight capacity. It also has a big 2-3/4 inch feet which enables the legs to be easily bolted into the floor in order to provide maximum support and stability. Of course, you would not want your table legs and your bench to wobble because of lack of stability.

These legs are adjustable, fitting to your preferences for your bench. Every leg can be adjusted from 29 to 33 inches, which is ideal for you to work on whether you are sitting down or standing up while working on your tasks. It can also work well together with steel compressed wooden or plastic laminate solid maple, as well as other forms of work surfaces. The best part is that these bench legs are very easy to assemble, and can be done on your own, with some tools. There is a double electrical know-outs found in both the front and rear parts.


  • Easy to adjust bench legs
  • Great weight capacity of up to 4000 pounds per pair
  • Easy to assemble
  • Feet may be bolted onto the floor


  • Metal construction may be prone to exposure to harmful elements

AP Products 013-135 Adjustable Folding Table Leg – Best Adjustable Table Leg

Top 5 Best Adjustable Table Legs Reviews


No doubt you are looking for a sturdy table leg that will give the needed support to your table. This 013-135 Adjustable Folding Table Leg model from AP products provides sturdiness, made possible by its dependable construction. One of the best features that this product offers is that it is designed beautifully in a way that it easily blends in well with any type of décor that you may have. It can even complement the table in which it will be used with.

This leg also offers more room for making adjustments. In fact, it may be adjusted from 19.5 inches to 31.5 inches, with 1 inch intervals. Even with this large range of adjustment, this leg does not pose any hassle. The leg comes with 13 holes which will allow you to lock in to a specific height, making sure that everything remains sturdy and safe. With this availability of hole ranges, you will certainly be able to choose one that will give you the height that you are looking for. Switching from one height to another proves to be easy as well.

When it comes to being sturdy, this leg is designed to be sturdy enough to be able to hold up to 100 pounds maximum weight capacity. It also comes with a non-slip cap which can provide protection to your floor against scratches which may be caused by the leg edges. This leg may also fold to a compact size for easier storage. On top of that, to make mounting easier, it also comes equipped with a 3×3 inch bracket.


  • Adjustable table leg
  • Comes with a non-slip cap
  • Dependable material construction
  • Sturdy legs


  • Not for heavy duty use

IKEA OLOV Adjustable Metal Table Legs

Top 5 Best Adjustable Table Legs Reviews

When it comes to furniture and related items, IKEA is no doubt a respected name. One of the amazing products produced under this brand is the OLOV Adjustable Metal Table Legs. These legs are primarily designed for table tops that come with at least 1 inch in thickness. These table legs offer stability to these tops. Since it is also IKEA made, there is an assurance that it can easily complement any table top that you will be using it with, especially in terms of design and style. It can also easily match other furniture in a room.

This set comes in a batch of 4 legs, just enough to create a square or a rectangle table. These legs are also evident of sturdy and strong steel construction, all pigmented using epoxy, thus ensuring maximum protection against scratches, rust, as well as being exposed to different elements in the environment. This is quite helpful if your floors at home are pretty sensitive to scratches, such as when installed on wooden floors, and other similar materials.

These legs can also be adjusted from 23-5/8 to 35-3/8 inches, which can be considered as a perfect feature for those who are installing their tables in uneven grounds, as well as those who would like to have their table in either a seated or a standing position. These legs also lock in position through a twisting feature. This feature also adds to the convenience of setting your table top up. Every leg has the capacity to hold up to 28 pounds weight capacity.


  • Strong sturdy construction
  • Pigmented epoxy for scratch protection
  • Ready for assembly
  • Ideal for table tops at least 1 inch in thickness
  • Ideal even for uneven floors


  • Somewhat expensive

AP Products 013-070 Adjustable Folding Table Leg

Top 5 Best Adjustable Table Legs Reviews

Perhaps one of the reasons why you are trying to avoid using these ready to attach table legs is the thought that maybe they are complicated to attach. The manufacturers of this 013-070 Adjustable Folding Table Leg may have also thought of the same. This sturdy table leg offers convenience and easy adjustment. It is also equipped with a folding mechanism that makes the task a whole lot easier.

It is designed as a strong and sturdy metallic table which has been designed to provide support to table tops with up to 100 pounds without worrying about any potential hitch. The leg also features a protective finish which creates a dependable construction which is also designed to last for a long time. It is referred to as a telescopic table leg which can be adjusted from 26 to 31.5 inches through a button release mechanism.

The adjustments designed for these legs are prepared at ½-inch intervals, doubling as they are leveled on surfaces that are uneven. The leg can also be folded to a compact size which can be locked right under the table, thus giving the assurance of easy transportation and storage when you are not using it in your home.

If you are a fan of a basic table leg, one that is not that decorative, or catches attention right away, this is the option that will serve good for you. It is a plain metal leg. The good thing about this though is that it will not overshadow other furniture items that you may have in the vicinity.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Can be folded to a compact size


  • Not designed for heavy duty purposes


As seen from the list above, there are a number of choices that you can choose from. These tables are designed to provide more flexibility, since they can easily be moved between different height ranges, depending on your preferences. There are certain factors that you can definitely take into mind as you make your choice. Are you looking for simplicity? Or are willing to invest on complicated ones with more features? Of course you might also want to factor in cost. If it is your main concern, you can take a look at the options and compare the prices as well. After all, it does not mean that the expensive ones provide better quality than the more affordable options. All you have to do is to identify your needs and preferences, and start your hunt from there.

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