Top 6 Best Makeup Mirror Reviews

A makeup mirror is an essential commodity to have in your bedroom or bathroom. You will find it to be very useful when you need to apply and remove makeup. You can mount it on the walls to the angles and heights that are needed or it can be free-standing depending on its make. You do not need to hold it while applying or removing makeup, something that allows you to concentrate on the aspects that are related to your face. This makes the end result more successful as compared to using the traditional mirror that you have to hold in your hands while applying makeup. Another benefit of a makeup mirror is the ability to engage in multitask scenarios when using it. For instance, you can still be able to talk on your mobile phone when applying makeup using the makeup mirror. In the market, you will find different types of makeup mirrors. To help you buy the right one for your needs, here are top 6 best makeup mirror reviews.


6. simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror

This makeup mirror has a wide viewing area and side panels that fold to allow you to see yourself from many angles. It uses tru-lux light system that simulates natural sunlight and enables you to see full color variation. This makes it absolutely easy for you to know when your makeup is flawless and color-correct. The mirror comes with a USB cord and adapter that allows you to recharge it easily. A single charge can last up to three weeks. The mirror will light up automatically as your face comes close to it. It will not turn off unexpectedly because the sensitivity of the sensor increases when in use.


5. Onson Tri-Fold Led Lighted Travel portable Mirror

This mirror features a compact size that is perfect for use when you are traveling. Its collapsible design makes it portable and easy to keep clean. You do not need to worry about it taking too much space in your travel bag. When you open it, you will see three mirrors on the inside that allow you to see different angles of your face. The mirror has a stand on the back, and as a result you do not need to hold it with your hand to use it.


4. TOP TENG Deluxe Double-Sided 1X and 3X Magnification Vanity Makeup Mirror

This is a really top quality makeup mirror that your will not regret investing your money in. It features a sturdy, elegant and stainless steel construction that makes it worth every dime that your will invest in it. It will look really great in your bedroom or bathroom. It has a magnified and non-magnified side, both which have clear reflection. One size is perfect for doing your hair and applying makeup and another side is great for seeing hard to reach areas and tweezing eyebrows. It comes with a lifetime warranty.



3. simplehuman 8 inch Wall Mount Mirror 

If you are looking for a great makeup mirror that goes at a pocket-friendly, your need to consider buying this one. It features a sturdy stainless steel telescopic swing arm that provides smooth and effortless adjustability. You can mount it directly on the wall to avoid the hassle of holding it with your hands whenever you need to use it. It works with standard junction boxes. With 5x magnification, you are surely going to enjoy exceptional detail while still being able to see your entire face at once.


2. NYX Folding Mirror 

This is a super-slim, elegant and multi-use makeup mirror that you are definitely going to enjoy using. It features an adjustable stand that you can position in three different ways. It comes encased in faux leather cushioning for safety and security and it can fold up flat for ease of storage. The fact that it is foldable makes it the perfect choice of makeup mirror to pack up when you are going on a trip. It is big enough to allow to see your whole face when applying makeup or doing your hair.


1. Mirrorvana Vanity 8-Inch Double-Sided 1X and 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror

This makeup mirror comes beautifully packaged in a tasteful and well-protected custom box that has thick foam. When you buy it online, you can be sure that it will arrive in good condition. It has clear magnification and a stand that keeps it at the right angle. The view can zoom itself, something that allows you to see the imperfections that are concealed in hard to reach areas. If you cannot get enough of yourself in its 1x side, you can swivel to the 10x magnification side that allows you to check yourself up-close and personal.


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  1. I love the one ranked first. Looks elegant. Does the first one and the forth one share the same features except the magnification?

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