Top 9 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews

How do you feel staying for long without watching? Choosing to invest on the Best Sling Box Alternative is the solution. Am sure you feel likely the same with me. Life is really terrible without a TV.  Sling box is an electronic device that allow you to take your TV with you. They are so many Best Sling Box Alternative that allows you to stream various TV channels.

The big concern is how to get the Sling Box Alternative. It may look so simple but not quite involving. This is the main reason why we have sample Top 9 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews for you after analyzing various Sling Box Alternative available in the market. Gives yourself a humble session of choosing the Best Sling Box Alternative by reviewing the list we have provided below.

9.Roku 4 4400R 4K UHD Streaming Media Player

Roku 4 4400R 4K UHD Streaming Media Player is best of best in our list. This is because it offers advance processing power for better streaming. Include many useful accessories such as dual AA Batteries, modern remote and headphones to avoid disturbing others. SanDisk 16GB SDHC Card boosts streaming from various channels. To add, this spacious storage creates more capacity for more than 2500 channels and more games. Well defined image quality. It notify on recent movies and the cost of each. Works well on every TV featuring an HDMI connection. HDMI cable is sold out different which might be costly to some individuals.

Top 10 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews


i) Wide range of Roku apps makes you work easier.

ii) Streams quality videos and audios.

iii) Handy design.


i) Quite expensive to those with limited budget.

8.Sling Media Sling Catcher SC100-100 Universal Media Player for TV

It is one of the best sling box alternatives because it allows you to watch various programs anywhere. Capable of broadcasting latest shows and movies online. You can connect it to a laptop, PC, smartphone and tablet. It is very advantages as no monthly charges. Easy to operate and control using a remote. Work best with most typical definition and high definition sets.  Streams quality videos. Running software is pre-installed during its purchase. Also, this software is updated time by time to ensure anytime the product is sold out is up to date. In case you bought the sling box alternative earlier on, you are advised to update the software from the internet. The only drawback is that this electronic device does not support 64-bit Windows Vista and MAC OS. Instead it works 1.6 GHz Intel core.

Top 10 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews


i) Manual provides valid installation steps.

ii) Last for many years while delivering great streaming performance.


i) Remote controls are very hectic to operate.

7.LB1 High Performance New HDMI Splitter Box for Apple TV MD199LL

No worry of how to operate this electronic device. Very simple to operate and install. It is full of fun due to wide entertainment options. The user is to choose his or her preferred option. They are readily available in the market at reasonable price that does not strain your personal resources. Compatible with many of iTunes and Netflix. Output ports makes Ethernet connection very simple. Its full 3D 1 x 2 HDMI Splitter utilizes sole HDMI source while accessing various HDMI connections. Additionally, HDMI sustain full 3Dn streaming. You easily connects to Xbox 360, DVD player, Apple TV, Blu-ray player among others. Offers extensive HDMI resolution up to 1920 * 1080p.

Top 10 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews


i) Its unique design looks so attractive.

ii) Readily available in the market at reasonable price.


i) Highly selective. This is because it works only with 4K TVs which are still very new in the market.

6.Vulkano Flow Mobile Device

Invest on this awesome electronic device that allows you and your family enjoy to watch TV channels anywhere in the global. It is connected to Wi-Fi or 3G network via laptop and mobile phones for it operate efficiently. Relax while watching on your bed using vulkano Flow Mobile Device for Viewing TV on the Go. Capable of recording TV shows so that you can pause to watch later. Also, you can rewind the show later if you wish. It is very to install due to wireless set up.

Top 10 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews


i) Vulkano apps is compatible with desktops and mobile devices.

ii) works with Wi-Fi, 3G and also 4G.


i) Input ports are fragile hence great care should observed while using it.

ii) Quite hassle to get compatible splitter.

5.TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR and Streaming Media Player

TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR and Streaming Media Player is one of the best sling box alternatives because its versatility. Capable of recording 4 stations all at once. HD programming can last for more than 75 hours continuously. It make use of cable card instead of a cable box. Plugs into your HD antenna to ensure faster wireless channel recording. Effusively integrated streaming app makes the streaming very fast hence enjoyable watching. Additionally, this app eliminates use of remotes, switching inputs and other manual devices. You can access Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. Requires monthly subscription in order to access the services. Pre-installed quick mode allows you to watch recorded shows 30 percent faster. Pitch manipulation mode guarantees quality audios. It can record over the air channels.

Top 10 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews


i) Easy to setup user interface.

ii) Supports many remote devices.


i) Its hump shape does not allow the user to stump other devices on top of it.

4.Roku 1 Streaming Media Player

Enjoy 2000 plus entertaining channels by investing on Roku 1 Streaming Media Player. Rated the best due to its excellent performance. This is because it can stream TV shows, sports, audio, movies and videos. Streams excellent videos up to 1080p HD. Takes very short time to setup since very simple steps are to be followed. Has shortcut buttons for easy accessibility. It can access channels such as  VUDU, MGo and Hulu. The package includes multipurpose cables to use when the user cannot access HDMI links. Automatic software informs on recent updates.

Top 10 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews


i) Roku apps makes streaming awesome and enjoyable.

ii) Capable of screen monitoring.


i) Connects only to Wi-Fi network.

3.VonHaus 1080p HD TV Mini Media Player

This sling box alternative is listed one of the top best device because of its outstanding features. Works in a unique way. The media is downloaded, recorded in the drive then you will watch through the HD TV. It is full of fun due to presence of Full-HD 1080p video playback for quality videos alongside crystal-clear audio. On purchase, it includes free HDMI cable. Accessories such as LED light, SD card slot, AV port and power supply jack. All are included to convenience the users. Excellent streaming device indoor entertainment. Uses advanced remote control. Able to read files from USB drives, hard drives and card reader. Measures approximately 3 by 2.75 by 0.5 inches. Turn your HD TV into a cinema. The company includes a manual guide for easy start up.

Top 10 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews


i) Metal case makes it very stable.

ii) Streams quality videos.


i) Remote control is no easy to operate.

2.SiliconDust HDHome Run CONNECTFREE broadcast HDTV

This electronic streaming device connects to 3 devices through available network all at a go. This is the main reason why it is listed among the best sling box alternatives. It is considered cheap as you only incur cost for single product to be connected to multiple devices. Perfect for those who love live watching. Streams excellently to all DLNA companionable devices. No monthly charges hence very cheap for every family with limited budget. There is no need of cable connections. HDHomeRun DVR software let the user to pause, record and rewind the show later. Multiple tuners operates efficiently on 802.11ac router. 1080p resolution makes the streamed videos very clear.

Top 10 Best Sling Box Alternative 2019 Reviews


i) It is worth its purchase price.

ii) Highly versatile. Connects to 3 devices simultaneously.


i) Very hard to access in the retail market.

1.Belkin @TV Plus

Belkin @TV Plus allows you to watch channels lively in the whole world. Enjoy live sporting and shows by use of tablet, laptop and smartphone when connected to 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi. Whenever you purchase, free TV app is included. This allows you to connect it wirelessly in your residential area. No need of using Ethernet cable nor Wi-Fi adapter. Wi-Fi adapter might be so expensive therefore limiting those with limited budget. It is very advantageous as you can record the movies to watch later. Includes a channel guide that is very easy to use owing to the fact that steps are easy to read and interpret. Swipe Surf allow the user to hastily scroll over channels.



i) Streams and records video directly to the connected device.

ii) Offers smooth quality video streaming


i) Connection speed is a bit slow.

Buying Guide

What is Sling Box Alternative?

Like other electronic devices, Sling Box Alternative is very important. You are wondering what this could be. Sling Box Alternative is TV steaming broadcasting appliance that encrypts video programs through the internet to a laptop, smartphone, and tablet among other household devices. Permits the people to distantly see and manipulate their satellite. You can watch live anywhere in the world.

Another advantage of investing this electronic device is that you can access stored files and retrieve past program that you didn’t watch maybe because of time constraint. It requires internet connection such 4G hot spot or Wi-Fi. Lives of many have greatly changed since they started adapting the use of a sling box. Ensure while on market, choose the best sling box alternative that will satisfy your personal and family entertainment needs. Some expert will recommend that a good sling box excludes all ads. When you compare its price with that of TV, it is very cheap and affordable.

Factors to consider while choosing a sling box Alternative

a) Cost

Cost of every device is paramount. Each individual or family has its own specific budget. Although sometimes the quality is proportional to its cost, consider buying one that is within your budget. Do not strain to match your neighbor yet you are not in place to . Specify you budget and it guide on what to go for.

b) Types of the Sling Box Alternative

Sling Box Alternative are of two main categories. The type you go for depends on programs and shows you prefer. Sling box 350 is quite affordable but offers limited programming capabilities. The type is sling box 500 that come with many capabilities. It is quite expensive but very reliable and efficient. Both brands allows HD streaming.

c) Installation procedure

The best sling box alternative include installation manual. It will guide you step by step on how to install to ensure efficient streaming. Also, the guide should be printed in a language that the user understand. These should be easy to interpret. Power adapter should be include in the package. For sling box 500 HDMI cables be made available.

d) Other accessories

Sling box deliver solely. Various apps and software must be include. Some companies include the cost of software in the purchase price while other do not.


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