Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews

Good quality sound is a necessity for every entertainment. You have no other option other than investing on Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers.

You are wondering which USB Studio Monitor Speaker to invest on? Where to get them?  Don’t worry. This is the main reason I have extended my research in order to get the Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews.

10.Rockville ASM5  200W  USB Studio Monitor Speakers

This product comes the best in our reviews because it delivers exclusive studio performance yet sold out at affordable price. Designed perfectly to suit sophisticated vocal reproduction. No worry of ultra-high frequency diffraction. This will in turn provide adequate monitoring of accuracy leading to better bass sound reproduction. Rear ports delivers improved bass coupling. This will allow amplification of low frequency response without interfering with accuracy. Uses Class D amplifier. Has LED power indicator on the front volume knob. Its tweeter is made of Ferro fluid materials to improve the audio reproduction. Curved Front design eradicates standing wave distortion. Computer-based rear ports ensure there is little bass loading in the peripheral. Uniquely fitted voice coils produces precise response throughout the entire frequency.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Excellent finish leave the product attractive.

ii) Reasonable price.


i) The company does not provide shipping cost in case you return the product.

9.Rockville APM6W 2-Way 350W Powered USB Studio Monitor Speakers

Available in triple enclosure options including wood finish having vinyl front board, Wood-finish painted black and wood-finish painted white. In-built speakers has its own amplifier. Enclosures is constructed from high grade wood measuring ½ inch thickness while the front board is 1-inch thick. All this designs techniques aims to ensure quality sound. Looks so elegant to increase interior decoration of your studio. Uses class D amplifier with automatic switch power supply. It has Ferro fluid Neodymium Silk Dome Tweeter. Metal grill offers more protection to the device. Rounded anterior bezel design excludes standing wave distortion. Its woofer is made of polypropylene. Plugs are coated with nickel to protect it from corrosion resulting in reliable signal transfer.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Very easy to use.

ii) Produces quality clear sound.


i) Quite expensive.


BEHRINGER STUDIO 50USB Studio Monitor is listed among the top best USB audio speaker. This is because of its high resolution silk-dome tweeter for incredible audio reproduction. Has adaptable 150W digital amplifier. Presence of 5 inch woofer that features resistant free cone provides adequate brass response. Perfect for computer studios, multimedia stations, home theater and audio. USB port is very sensitive to inputs and it connects firmly. Also, USB can be used to connect the speaker monitor to analog XLR and TRS connector. Well-engineered to offers quality sound. Tweeter delivers precise frequency response. Modern wave guide technology boosts acoustic dispersion leading to extra-large awesome spot. You can easily manipulate the volume together with tweeter to accommodate various acoustic settings. Constructed from excellent materials to last for many years.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Its price harmonize with performance.

ii) 5-inch size is good for every studio.


i) Plastic front side disrupts the sound produced.

7.Mackie CR4 Creative Reference Multimedia Monitor

Its studio design looks so handy and attractive. This is one of the reason it is ranked among the top 10 best USB studio monitor speaker in our reviews. Produces outstanding sound therefore perfect for multimedia creation alongside entertainment. Capable of sensing wide range of frequencies serving the need of full-range multimedia. CR4’s placement switch allows the user to manipulate the work-ability of the speaker very fast. Expedient volume knob at the front panel with lit power rings allow you to set the volume on and off depending on your program. Features high-output drivers, wood cabinet, CR system resulting in scrupulous design. Wave guide system tunes to accurate frequencies ranges. Delivers quality performance.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Excellent for home studios.

ii) Produces clear sound.


i) Indicator at volume control lights green. Some people gets irritated with such colors.

6.PreSonus Eris E4.5 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors

Most of the people are pissed off by the price. It is advisable that you go for expensive products that last for many decodes. Also, for a company to manufacture good quality speaker, they must invest in good quality materials. This USB audio monitor speaker is one of the excellent electronic devices sold out at higher price. Its 1 inch low-mass silk frequency transducers tunes accurately to the preferred frequency. Make use of Class AB amplifier rated 50 watts. Includes acoustic fine-tuning controls for high pass filters, HF, mid-range together with acoustic settings. Acoustic settings are used for mixing contour for better entertainment. Also, it has RF interference current limiting, transient alongside subsonic guard.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Features compact durable design.

ii) Serves many purposes.


i) It is small hence inaccurate in term of frequency response range.

5.Alesis M1 Active 320 USB Studio Monitor Desktop Speakers

This USB studio audio monitor has very important features. They include cohesive USB audio interface, 3” woofer and 1” tweeter. Rated 16 bit recording and playback capability. Moreover, it has stereo measuring about 0.125 inches and front fitted with stereo headphone output. Tunes to full acoustics alongside frequency response extending to 20 KHz. The product allows you to record audio from your computer into the speaker. Very easy to operate. All you have to do is plug in USB cable in to computer. No drivers are needed. Bass boost system accentuate bass frequencies. It one of the multi-functional device serves as audio interface. CD’s, tape players. All mixers are compatible with this speaker.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Includes 3 woofers.

ii) Magnetically shielded.


i) Understated sound quality.

4.Samson Studio GT Active Studio Monitors

Enjoy maximum entertainment by investing on Samson Studio GT Active Studio Monitors with USB Audio Interface. It is one of the best USB speakers available in today’s market. This is because it has 4 inch woofer made of co-polymer materials. Also, the woofer is magnetically protected to last for long. Has dual internal stereo powering system. It make use of monitoring performance alongside exceptional USB interface. This ensures accurate audio recording on to your computer.  Has 1 inch silk dome ultra-high frequency drivers. Provides detailed reproduction in the studio. Houses dual mic and line inputs. During its purchase, the company includes cakewalk sonar LE software. Designed well to serve both home theaters and professional studios.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Produces clearer sound.

ii) Easy to set up and control.


i) Its large in size hence occupies large storage space.

3.Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor

Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor uses two amplifiers. It was engineered to provide detailed sound reproduction. This electronic device is capable of producing an output of 20W. Includes a woofer measuring approximately 8 inches, 1” tweeter and wave guide system to produce wide range of frequencies. Has both TRS and XLR inputs. They accept both balanced and unbalanced signals which will be later integrated into various studio setups. It is designed to eliminate undesirable resonance hence increases sound reproduction accuracy. Enclosure are made of high dense MDF materials so as to attain better performance. The company make use of old three-way mitered-joint technique that is related to architectural design. Exterior casing protects the enclosure corners. They also adopted noise reduction technique to control the vortex effects.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Highly detailed imaging together with transient response.

ii) Its enclosure lasts longer.


i) Understated sound reproduction.

2.Rockville APM8C  2-Way 500W USB Studio Monitor Speaker

This is another power monitor speaker from Rockville. It is 2 ways monitor speaker in cherry wood finish making it so attractive. Every drivers has its specific amplifier. Made from an excellent grade MDF wood. Provides ultimate great quality sound. It is available in 3 enclosure designs. Has high rating than Rockville APM6W 2-Way 350W. Provides an output of 500 watts. Makes you studio looks more cool and charming with beautifully designed USB Studio Monitor Speaker. Includes transducer production line to stabilize SPL Performance. Noise reduction cabling circuitry is connected to both speakers. The cable fits well in right place. Suitable for connecting keyboard to a mixer and channel insert on the mixer.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Produces just enough bass.

ii) Has a headphone jack.


i) It is not suitable for loud heavy bass music.

1.Technical Pro Active Bluetooth USB Studio Monitor Speaker

It has single 1 inch tweeter together with 5 inch woofer. Provides an output of 500 watts. Works well with RCA, USB, XLR and MP3. Bluetooth system allows the user to connect wireless to A2DP stereo device. Perfect for every studio who desire to have quality audio reproduction. Very essential for tracking, mixing, listening and also mastering. Most Professions have recommended this speaker after witnessing exclusive performance. Has two speakers; one active and one powered speaker. Also, it features from bass ports to ensure clear, high-tone and accurate audio.

Top 10 Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers in 2019 Reviews


i) Includes functional EQ.

ii) Easy to manipulate.


i) Tweeters clip under high pressure.

ii) Its purchase price does not match with medium quality.

Buyer’s Guide

They are many USB Studio Monitor Speakers available in the market. It is upon you to decide on which product to go for depending on your needs. The main difference is their cost. Buy one within your budget. Buy the best quality out of the little amount.

Important Factors to bear in mind before purchasing Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers           

Choosing the Best USB Studio Monitor Speakers seems intimidating. Just considers a few factors listed below.

a) Type of USB studio monitor speaker

They are various types of USB studio monitor speaker out in the market. They perform in a similar way but with great differences. These differences include the type of material used to construct and nature of manufactures. Materials range from Kevlar to aluminum alloys. Paper might be used also. It will depend on customer preference. I will recommended that you invest on one that made of durable materials to last longer. This will save a lot of money that could be used to purchase new occasionally. Also, the material used should have positive impact in sound reproduction.

b) Cabinet specifications

The cabinet can either be ported or closed. Most small audio monitors and some few large ones features ported cabinet. Ported cabinets are very essential as it help to encompass frequency response lower to accommodate more bass. The only drawback is that ported cabinet are not accurate. The worst happens if the ports are located in posterior part of the speaker. On the other hand, closed cabinets are very precise.

c) Accessories

Accessories that a monitor speaker should have includes Processing power, room rectification, EQ among other useful features. EQ assists the user to tune the channels in their residential areas. Processing power of a speaker might be analogue or digital. Digital processing delivers great performance in the acoustic space. Some studio Monitor speakers include woofers while others do not. It is upon you to choose depending on your needs. Woofers are very essentials in mixing sound for TV and motion and motion speakers. In case you mixing band’s show piece recorded in the basement, all you need is a stereo pair.

d) Storage space

While considering the size of your room, it is not all about the storage space but spacious capacity to allow wide range of bass frequency. Small rooms do not allow bass frequency to develop well. Placing sub-woofer in limited room result in sonic incompetence’s. Some bass frequencies will sound dense while others will clouded. Acoustic treatment will help you to cope with this stress.  Large rooms provide spacious space for sound reproduction.

e) Isolation and installation techniques

The whole system should be easy to setup. It is advisable to place a stereo to 60 degrees in-front of you when situated in mixing area.  This is very necessary so as to obtain very accurate frequency range. Reputable dealers provide user guide on how to arrange all the equipment’s in place in order to obtain quality sound.


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  1. Hello there, nice article on the best usb studio speakers in 2017! This truly is very helpful, and I’m sure it will help plenty of beginners find the best studio speakers for them. In case anyone’s interested, the Rockville ASM5 speakers are actually among the best selling studio monitor on Amazon. This probably means that many people trust this model over various others, but I’m also new to studio speakers so I could be wrong. However, I do think that being one of the best selling studio monitors is an indicator of how good its performance is.

  2. I just got my first pair of studio monitors last week and I’m very satisfied so far. Not only are they very neutral, they also sound great. On this list, the Yamaha HS8 is what’s named as one of the best, but what I actually got was the Yamaha HS7 after reading so many favorable reviews about it, like this Yamaha HS7 review. I feel like beginners like me would truly appreciate the Yamaha HS7. If any newbies are reading this article, I suggest you try the Yamaha HS7 monitors or just read some Yamaha HS7 reviews. You’ll know why I’m praising it.

  3. Good info, thumbs up. Helpful article Thank You.. Well i bought a set of Rockville ASM5 studio monitors which deliver exclusive studio performance and yes they reproduce vocals amazingly but not only that I also notice instruments and cg effects are a lot more pronounced clearly
    or is it because the hifi gear I’ve been listening with has been masking some sounds over others… Anyways these Rockville ASM5 do the job and are awesome at it.

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