Best Wood Burning Stove Fans in 2019 Reviews

Are you thinking of a way to better distribute heat within your house on these cold winter days? If that is your dream, I have just the right product to recommend: the wood burning stove fan. Wood burning stove is a common tool to warm up the entire house throughout the entire winter and it is seen almost in every house. The thing is that sometimes people find it a bit lengthy to get the heat spread out through the room. Normally a fan would help to distribute the heat much quicker but people need to weight it against the electricity bill. With this new solution, you can save all the electricity cost with just a wood burning stove fan. Amazingly, this fan has no string attached to it and you just only need to heat it up to make it work. Now, that probably gives you an idea that if you can just place the fan on top of a burning wood stove, the problem will be solved. If you are thinking like this, you are absolutely correct. The fan utilizes the heat from the stove and it will work once it feels enough heat. In a nutshell, this is a heat-powered fan that helps circulate heat from the stove around your entire room much more quickly. There is a huge variety of this product available now in the market, and you can just grab one for your family anytime.

Buyer’s Guide to buying a wood burning stove fan

It is always very easy to find and buy a wood burning stove fan since most of them look much alike. However, being able to distinguish these fans will put you on an advantage side when you buy one. Without proper knowledge, you may get a low-quality one that wouldn’t do the job much or it may end up being dead after a short period of time. With recommendations below, we wish to make sure you find the product worth your expenses. Here are some points to consider when you wish to by a wood burning stove fan.

  • Heat sensitivity: All wood burning stove fan are powered by heat but not all have the same level of heat sensitivity to have the blade spinning. Some could take just so long that you might feel like forever, while some only take a quick moment. Well, there are two factors affecting this. The first one is the fan itself that it need a set of minimum heat signature to start. Try searching for a fan with minimal heat requirement, and it is normally around 120 F or 50 C. The second one is your stove. If your stove is heat insulated, do not buy this fan because it won’t work. Since the fan uses direct heat from the metal part of your stove you need to make sure it is hot when you place the fan atop.
  • Durability: The hotter it goes, the faster the fan blows, and this is a simple fact of this fan. However, beware that too much heat can also destroy the product. You need to look for the one that withstands strong heat. Well, this again also depends on your stove. If it is producing a very high amount of heat, you will need a more heat resistant fan.
  • Quietness: This is a simple point that most people tend to ignore. Things could go absolutely wrong if you happen to buy a noisy one. High-quality products operate at a barely-noticed noise while performing all the job well.
  • Beware of children: this is not part of the buying guide, yet essential for your decision before buying it. All fans have an open blade design that might be risky for little kids. Though it can’t cause any major injury, keeping it out of reach of children is strongly advised.

Now that you are aware of the tips to buying a wood burning stove fan, it is now time for you to go through details about the best stove fan on the market this year.

10. New designed 4 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan

Let’s start with the top tenth of them all, and we have the product from Generic. This heat power fan is getting its popularity among users and they are well-known on how quietly it works on a stove. People also admires it for the durability against time. The frame and blade are all made from anodized aluminum which stands strong against heat and does not get rusty or corroded. It can tolerate up to 660 degrees Fahrenheit or 350 Degree Celsius. The fan comes with the latest design of 4 shiny blades that function very efficiently in circulating warm air from the stove across the room. Since the fan will get very hot during the operation, you will have to be very careful when you need to remove it from the stove. Make sure you are using protective gear such as a glove and carry the fan by the attached handle. This fan is available in three colors of black, gold, and nickel.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

9. Heat Powered Eco Stove Fan 4 Blade

This wood burning stove fan promises to save up to 17% if compared to fuel cost. From various testing on the product, we are clear to affirm this little wood stove fan does even more than the promise. It is completely powered by heat, and it is not limited to the only wood stove. It is recommended for all variety of heater in your house such gas, coal, or pellet. To get the fan working, it requires only a minimum temperature of 50 degree Celsius or 122 Fahrenheit. The recommended maximum for this fan is 350 C (663F). The fan also has its special function to stop when overheated that strengthens the durability. However, it is advisable to place it at the back or side part of the stove top to prevent being exposed to too much heat. The four blades excel itself in distributing the warm current around your room pretty quickly. Coming in one box, you will see a sleek designed magnetic thermometer to help you monitor the heat of your stove. Taking care of this fan is super easy. Once in a while, you just need to oil the rotating shaft, and if by any chance it produces noise, you can just simply bend the fan part to the right alignment. Another special feature of this product that it comes with a 12-month warranty.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

8. Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood / Log Burner/Fireplace

Here comes another efficient heat powered fan from Generic. It has just been released this year, but it is now on the growing trend in the leading market share. The fan is well-recognized for its ability to rotate the warm air around the room. “Though a ton of air is not recognized, this little fan is making a big difference.” Every user is speaking about this. One more advantage that makes this one so popular is also the cost. If compared to the other products in this series, it is fairly more affordable. Like most of the products from Generic, the body and blade are made from anodized aluminum which is heat sensitive yet durable to heat and corrosion. At a minimum temperature of around 50 degrees Celsius, it is enough to get the fan to rotate. The fan will keep advancing when it feels more heat signature; however, do not expose the fan to too high amount of heat as it might break down. A thermometer would be helpful for you to monitor the heat around your stove.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

7. Heat Powered 2 Blade Stove Fan from Boone Hearth

Let’s look at this universal heat-powered fan from Boone Hearth that is designed to fit all type of stove you have regardless of material you use to produce heat ranging from wood, pellet, coal, or gas. Just simply place this fan on the top of the stove and it works like magic without any chords attached to the fan. The minimum heat signature required to get the fan spinning is a little bit high at 185 degrees Fahrenheit or 85 degrees Celsius if compared to the previous 3 reviews. However, this fan can circulate warm air at a very high rate of 100 cubic feet per minute which is fairly high and competitive. The entire body is mounted on a nice and sturdy flat base that allows the fan to stand still where you place it. There is also a small handle up the top of the fan which is easy for you to move it around and set the air direction.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

6. Heat Powered 4 Blade Stove Fan from Boone Hearth

Like most qualities of the above review, this is an almost identical product, except the fact that it comes with a 4-blade design. The 4 blades are able to produce better air rotation at a greater rate of 130 cubic feet per minute if compared to a 2-blade fan. Despite this better spinning, the quiet quality remains constant. You would not feel any disturbance from the rotation. Instead, you will be amazed at how this stove fan moves the warm current across the room. There is also a magnetic thermometer included in the original box.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

5. VonHaus 2 in 1 Wood Stove Eco Fan

Of all wood burning stove fan available, this is the only type that breaks the conventional motor design. Instead of being powered only by heat, you can connect the fan to a USB it will work. In other words, this is the only dual-power wood stove fan model. You can use it as heat distributor on top of your stove or as a desk fan with your USB power. Sized at 8.9 x 5.9 x 3.8 inches wide, the fan comes with a 3-blade design can quietly generate a current between 130 and 150 cubic feet per minute that is sufficient in rotating the heat wave throughout the entire room. The minimum temperature to get the blade spinning is a little bit high at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. One noteworthy pint to know is that the fan can endure only up to 572 F.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

4. CAFRAMO Ecofan Heat Powered Stove Fan

Here we have the Eco-fan from Caframo, standing on the top four. This fan has a very attractive design with a 2-blade fan, mounted to a black metallic body, which can push up to 100 cubic feet per minute air current. One only down part is that it requires a little bit greater amount of heat at 230 F to get it to work which is rather high if compared to the other fans. However, the better thing is that the fan is more tolerant to heat up to 650 F, which higher than most of its kind. This little Eco-fan is also reported to be very quiet during the operation time.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

3. Kenley Heat Powered Eco-Friendly Stove

Rated as one of the bestsellers among the fireplace fan, this is the latest model from Kenley. The bimetallic strap at the base of the fan is working really well in converting heat into power to rotate the fan. At the minimum temperature of 50 degree Celsius, the fan will start spinning and keep increasing its speed when the temperature rises. The new four-blade design allows the fan to circulate the air up to 130 cubic feet per minute, strong enough to disseminate the air current across the room. The body and blade are made from anodized aluminum that is a high-quality metal enduring to high heat, rust, and decay. Like any high-quality wood stove fan, this one operates very quietly.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

2. Caframo Limited Ecofan

Second of them all, here we have the limited edition of the Caframo Eco-fan. The best part of it is the known function to reduce the wood, pellet, or coal consumption up to 14% in warming up the house during winter days. It is not a wind blower but the difference it makes in dispersing the heat current is absolutely recognizable. At a temperature as low as 50 C, the fan will start its work.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

1. Caframo 812AMXBX Limited AirMax Ecofan

Here we come to the very best product of the year among the wood burning stove fans. It goes again to the Caframo Air-max Eco-fan. Second to none, this fan can quietly produce the blowing current up to 175 cubic feet per minute that helps to distribute the heat much faster across the room, and this also means it helps saving more cost on burning materials. The minimum spinning will start at the temperature of 185F (85C) and get to its top speed at 650F (345C). This fan also comes with a two-year warranty.

Best Wood Burning Stove Fans

These are all of the top ten wood burning stove fans of the year, and it is undeniable that they are at the very best quality. The best way you can choose a fan for your stove is to look at how each model fit your own conditions. For fast performing stove, try looking for the one that requires a minimum level of heat to operate, and if you wish to invest on durability, go for the one with the highest tolerance for heat. One last thing to remember is to keep it away from your kids.

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