Top 10 Canon Battery Grip Reviews

Battery grips are very important camera accessories which are designed to hold extra batteries and battery parks. This enables you to have an extra source of power for your camera, which helps to increase the camera’s battery life. Moreover the grip is normally designed with features such as the main dial, shutter button, AE/FE lock button, Aperture/Exposure Compensation button, and the AF point select/magnify button. All these ensure easier control in the horizontal and vertical orientation. Below are top 10 canon battery grips in 2019:


1. Neewer BG E8 Replacement Battery Grip for Canon-EOS 550 D, 600 D, 650 D, 700D, Rebel T-2i, T-3i, T-4i, T-5i SLR Cameras

This is an exceptional-quality cannon battery grip which can hold 2pcs LP E8 batteries or 6pcs AA batteries. It is a professional edition that comes with the vertical-grip shutter-release button, the AE-L button, the Index/Reduce button, the exposure button and the main dial. The product is normally backed by a 12-month 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and fits different types of cameras.


2. Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip for the EOS 7D (Not for Mark II) Digital SLR Camera

This is an optional battery grip that is specifically designed for the canon-EOS 7D camera. The grip can hold up to two LP E6 battery pack to help double the shooting time or up to six AA batteries for emergency purposes. Some of the functions that are available in a vertical shooting position include the Autofocus point selection, the main dial, shutter-release, the Index and an AF/FE lock function.


3. Canon Battery Grip BG-E11

This is another great quality optional battery grip with advanced ergonomics and it is designed for the canon-EOS 5D Mark III camera. The product allows users to load one or two LP E6 battery packs to help double the battery life, which comes in handy when using the live-view mode or the movie mode. Moreover, this camera grip offers full vertical shooting controls that can be turned on or off independently. This enhances the camera handling particularly when shooting vertical pictures.


4. Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip for Canon 20D, 30D, 40D & 50D Digital SLR Cameras

This is a unique canon battery grip that is compatible with the 50D, 40D, 30D and 20D digital cameras. The product is designed to help increase the convenience and functionality of your camera by increasing the battery life. Moreover, the grip adds vertical shutter release capabilities to your camera. It also offers full vertical-shooting controls that can be turned on or off independently.


5. Canon Battery Grip BG-E13

This is a large capacity ergonomically designed battery grip that is designed for the canon EDS 6D DSLR camera. The unit can accommodate up to six AA/LR batteries or two LP E6 batteries. It also comes with an optional AC adapter kit, a multi-controller, the main dial, a shutter button, an AF point selection button, the AF start button, an AE Lock/FE lock button and a multi-function button.


6. Canon BG-E9 Battery Grip for the Canon EOS 60D

This is another reliable battery grip that can hold either six AA batteries or two LP-E6 batteries in its canon NGM E9 battery magazine. The unit is extremely easy to attach on the camera and can elongate the life of your battery up to two times if two batteries are used. Moreover, its vertical shutter-release mechanism makes shooting in the vertical position to be just as comfortable as shooting in the horizontal position.


7. Canon Battery Grip for EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

This large capacity battery grip is meant for the Canon EOS-70D SLR digital camera and is designed to offer multiple power options as well as easier vertical control. The unit can hold two canon LP E6 batteries or six AA batteries for greater shooting duration. Other features such as the main dial, shutter release, the AF point selection, AF/FE lock and the exposure compensation button are replicated on this grip for easier operation even in the portrait format.


8. Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip for Select DSLR Cameras

The canon BG ES vertical grip or battery holder can hold up to two LP ES battery packs as well as six AA batteries at the same time, which help to increase the battery life and the shooting power simultaneously. The product also includes the vertical shutter-release as well as a mode wheel which provides access to the camera’s functions and makes it easier to shoot in the vertical position as you would in the horizontal position.


9. Canon Battery Grip BG-E16

The Canon BG E16 battery grip is designed for the Canon EOS-7D Mark II DSLR camera. It is an important camera accessory, which adds a vertical grip to your camera for comfortable shooting in vertical orientation. Moreover, it normally comes with the shutter release button and many other relevant buttons. The unit is easy to install and can significantly prolong the life of your camera’s battery.



10. Canon BG-E18 Battery Grip for EOS Rebel T6s & T6i DSLR Camera with Diffuser Filter Set + Remote + Kit

This is the best canon battery grip based on 2019 reviews. It is an optional power-pack which is specifically designed for EOS-Rebel, T6s and T6i SLR digital camera. The grip can hold up to two LP-E17 battery packs, which double the shooting time. Moreover, this grip also features vertical controls such as the main dial, shutter button, AE lock/FE lock/reduce button, Aperture/Exposure Compensation button, and the AF point select/magnify button.



With so many canon battery grips on the market today, finding the best one for your camera can be challenging. However, the above reviews can help you to choose the best one for your camera.

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