Top 10 Night Light Lamp Reviews

Regardless of whether you have a small child or not, a good night lamp is the greatest household device you can’t miss having. Night lamps can transform your dim lit living environment into a safe and convenient place whether you are at home or when camping outdoors. Ideally, you need a good night light lamp to comfort your kid especially if afraid of the dark, allow them to locate their teddy bears in the dark, illuminate your changing table at midnight to change diapers or even check your kid. Night lamps can also make greatest additions to your home hence creating a romantic atmosphere for relaxing, sleeping and comforting. So, if you want to create a romantic surprise to that special guest in your living room, consider buying one. Night lamps are available in a broad range of make and models. If you want to buy one, then here are the top 10 best night lamp reviews to guide you.


10. Spritech Sepa Takraw Fairy String Seasonal Rope Lights

This has been delicately designed to bring some touch of style and fashion. It is a manual cane lamp that is adored in wedding room preparations. It produces a nice warm white light that delivers the greatest illumination. Additionally, most people prefer it for Christmas house decoration purposes. It is quite impressive and won’t let you down in any of your occasions.


9. E Support Mini Pretty Magic Mushroom-Shaped Energy Saving Sensor LED Romantic Night Light with Plug Yellow

This is one safe, durable and energy savvy night lamp. It is highly portable hence you can take it with you wherever you go. It is equipped with an automatic light sensor that makes it turn off at dawn and on at dusk. Its ultra-low power consumption gives it the longest life span. It is the widely used lamp in homes, bars, weddings, restaurants and other romantic places. It is mushroom-shaped hence will make a good impression to your guests.


8. Color Changing Glass Ball LED Garden Lights Rechargeable Solar Table Lamp

If you need a lamp for outdoor use, then this is the brand to buy. It features a waterproof design and is covered by colorful finely crushed glasses that make it deliver a romantic accent. It is sensitive to light hence pretty simple to use. Simply adjust the lighting modes from single to color changing depending on your preference. It is an energy-savvy model that provides excellent performance. You can’t just miss buying this lamp as a gift to surprise your loved ones.


7. Night Light Mushroom Lamp Energy Saving Color Changing LED Sensor  by Taozi

This has a color-changing LED that makes it ideal for use in various lighting conditions. It features a well-thought design that renders it great for decorative purposes. It consumes the lowest power possible hence environmentally friendly. Its warm and romantic glitter lights make it ideal for wedding and engagement room preparations. Add this cool and cute lamp to your bedroom and experience a unique feel.


6. Emoi Multicolor Emotional Mushroom Yoga Lamp

This has two different natural light brightness settings that make it create a perfect dawn and dusk resemblance. It works great as a romantic and mood light lamp. It is very simple to use. Its built-in battery allows it run for up to 6 hours. You can use this lamp for a broad range of lighting scenarios.


5. eLander LED Tea Lights Flameless Candle

With an automatic light timer, you can make everything convenient with this elegant lamp. Its battery can last longer as it can sustain a cycle of up to 12 days. It produces a flickering light creating a romantic ambiance in your room. It is a very convenient night light lamp that fits into various occasions. Turn it on and off automatically and experience seamless lighting.


4. GlowBowl Motion-activate Toilet Night Light Lamp

Tired of those messy cleanups and stumbles in the dark? If yes, then this is your desired lamp. It transforms everything convenient in your home. You can set it to rotate in colors ranging from blue, red, aqua, green, purple, yellow, and white. It fits into any of your toilets with ease. It is water-resistant hence, can be cleaned easily. It also has an automatic light sensor that makes it turn off and on as soon as it senses light changes.


3. DreamSpa All-Chrome Water Temperature-Controlled Color Changing Night Lamp

This is the world’s most advanced shower head Night lamp. The colors do change automatically based on the temperature of the water hence creating a perfect addition to your shower room. The LED lights have the longest lifespan of about 100,000 hours. It is very simple to install and use. You do not need any batteries to run this lamp. It uses the power of running water. It is trendy to use.


2. String Lights 2-sets of Micro Super Bright Warm Light

This is one high-quality lamp that is made of 30 LED with over 26 years of use. For safe usage, this lamp is equipped with a simple cell button and a heat insulated copper wire. It uses two batteries but consumes the least power possible. It can run for 48 hours continuously without recharging. If batteries drain, you can replace them. It has moldable copper wires easily hence allow you to customize on your furniture, windows, staircases and any other place of choice.


1. Ohuhu Ocean Wave Night Light Projector Night Lamp

Planning a special romantic event? Customize and make it viral by incorporating this excellent lamp. It can turn your room into a lively and romantic spa with a soothing, relaxing and comfortable feel. It will shut down automatically after an hour. It slowly soothes you to sleep. It is USB powered and battery operated. It comes with eight different brightness modes ; hence, you can easily change depending on your preference. It can also be a perfect gift for your loved.



Night lamps have become trendy in most homes. They are must-have utilities that convert your home into a lively parlor where you can take visitors into an entirely new atmosphere. They are the greatest devices for de-stressing your evening.

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