Top 10 Phone Camera Lens Reviews

Every photojournalist enthusiast understands the benefits of investing in a good phone camera lens. Explicit photos bring memories closer and you can experience and live them now. A phone camera lens is ideal whether you are going out for a vocational trip, hang out with friends or want to take a selfie. Phone camera lenses come in various make, model, and quality. Since they are detachable, they never pose any inconvenience whenever you don’t want to use them. Photography pros do recommend finding the right quality phone camera lens as it means everything if you are seeking an excellent shot. If you want to advance your mobile photography, then think of getting yourself a good phone camera lens from the below list.


10. Comsun 5-IN-1 Universal Phone Camera Lens

Even professionals recommend this type of phone camera lens. It is a premium quality lens made from superior-grade glass optics with an aluminum build that adds functionality and durability. It delivers a dramatic clarity while minimizing glare, reflection, and distortion. It also provides up to 2.5 times more landscape and 19 times macro lens. This implies every shot is a story of its kind. Nature lovers and other enthusiasts will find this lens their best companion of all times.


9. AUKEY iPhone Lens 15 times Macro Lens

It’s the time you bid bye to distortions whenever you take photos. AUKEY iPhone camera lens is designed to provide ultimate performance for your mobile photography. It is a versatile lens that is compatible with a variety of devices. It has an immersive fisheye effect with a 198-degree angle of view enabling you to take round-like photos. It also has a 3-in-1 detachable clip that makes it fit most smartphones and tablets. It is suitable for taking large group photos, portraits, selfies and vocational pictures.


8. Amir Professional HD Camera Lens with 12.5 times Macro Lens

This is a high-quality lens that is free from glare, ghosting or reflection. It is made of top-grade aluminum that gives it maximum durability. It utilizes an ultra-wide lens angle of up to 0.45 times hence allowing you a wide angle of view. It is compatible with a variety of smartphone and tablet devices. There is a soft rubber clip on the inside that safeguards it from scratching your device. It features a professional design hence ideal for professional photography.


7. Mpow Mlens V2 Professional 2-in-1 180 degrees Supreme Lens

With a detachable clamp design, this lens is ideal for use with various types of smartphone devices. It is stylish and fashionable and provides a fish-eye effect that allows you to capture every unique moment you want with a magnified experience. It is highly portable meaning you can take it to wherever you go. Save your energy of carrying heavy camera lens. Mpow is light but sturdily built for excellent performance. It is a convenient unit that allows for one-hand operation. It delivers excellent picture quality than most street lenses.


6. Play X Store Universal 3-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Lens

This lens allows you to expand your angle of view for up to two times. It is, therefore, ideal for taking pictures that need to capture large gatherings, buildings, and landscape. It eliminates reflection and lens glare, therefore, delivering high quality and clear pictures. It is very light and can be detached easily when not in use, therefore, allowing you to take photos from wherever you want. It is made of quality and highly resistant materials hence allowing you years of service.


5. Phone Camera Lens Kit with 198-degree fisheye lens

If you need a good lens for use when traveling, then this is an ideal choice for you. It is the simplest lens to use anywhere anytime. Its 0.63 times capture angle makes it ideal for shooting group and landscape photos. The outward design is made of multilayer coating that leaves it looking stylish. It is delivered in a storage bag. It can capture precise details for up to 15 times.


4. ENVO Premium iPhone, iPod, and iPad Camera Lens Kit

ENVO is designed for capturing stunning quality photos. It is ideal for anyone looking for phone camera lens to use for their everyday needs. Surprise your colleagues with high-quality pictures of social gatherings; then this is the right lens to use. It comes with three flashlight settings i.e. low, medium and high. It is worth the value of your money, and you will confirm it.


3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Lens Kit with 12 times Telephoto Lens

This brand of camera lens allows you with a broad range of shooting options. It is packaged with a mini tripod stand with extendable legs enabling you to have a precise shot. It is not only designed for the S5 but many other devices. It is an incredible lens that provides dramatic mobile photography. Never miss snapping your cool moments. This camera lens will make sure any time is a fun time.


2. Vinsic Universal Detachable Camera Lens Kit with 180-degree eye Lens

This is a very durable and clear camera lens. It is designed from top grade aluminum for an extended lifespan. Installing, using and removing this lens is pretty simple. It can be used with various devices. Compact design makes it ideal for everyday use. This 3-in1 lens kit can be used as wide-angle, fisheye, and macro lens. It is unrivaled in performance.


1. LOHA iPhone Camera Lens Kit

This is the best phone camera for taking selfies, close-ups and landscape photos. It is the most sought-after camera lens on the market. It is very portable and straightforward to operate. It comes with a wide angle lens allowing you to capture more details in your view. You can capture much more details without necessarily moving an inch whenever you use LOHA camera lenses. Change modes and get the perfect shot you desire.



Never let that unique moment of happiness pass by without capturing it. A good phone camera lens is the best investment you can have. The above are the best brands you can consider on the market.

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