Top 4 Digital Pregnancy Test Reviews

There is a whole bunch of feelings and horror stories that women experience when going for pregnancy tests. Excitement, confusion, fear, and hope are some of the feelings you will have to fight with every time you go for a pregnancy test. The worst part of it when you doubt the results of your test. Technology has advanced and with the innovative pregnancy test devices that are on the market, you don’t have to fight with your unbelief anymore. Pregnancy test devices base the results on the level of HCG. Ideally, HCG is the best pregnancy indicator and varies from one person to another. There are various brands of pregnancy test devices on the market. Finding the best that fits your needs can be very challenging. Ease of use, accuracy level, details and display and much more are some factors to consider when buying a pregnancy test indicator. Here are the top 4 digital pregnancy test reviews to tip you in case you need to buy one.


4. E.P.T. Early Pregnancy Test Digital 2 Count

This is ideal for you if you need quick results. It has a display window that shows whether you are pregnant or not. It shows you accurate results five days before your missed period. It is over 99% accurate. It is an efficient device that detects the amount of HCG in urine. It comes with a detailed user guide that shows you how to operate in case it’s your first time. You can use it anytime even before the start of your period. However, if the result is negative, you still have got chances of getting pregnant. It is an FDA-approved pregnancy test that guarantees you accurate and fast results.


3. Clearblue Easy Plus Pregnancy Test

It comes with an easy-to-read display that clearly shows both words and numbers. It has a sensitivity of up to 25mlU per milliliter. When you use this device a day before your period, you get an accuracy of up to 99%. It has a conception indicator of 92% when you conceive. You get accurate results five days before your missed period. Additionally, it comes with a unique flood guard that helps you eliminate mistakes and messes during the test. It has a design that is pretty easy to use. When you get an A+ it means you are pregnant but when you get A- it means you are not. It is the number one recommended pregnancy test device that assures you the highest level of accuracy. It also indicates the number of weeks of your pregnancy.


2. Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator

This is a decent pregnancy estimator that shows you the number of weeks you have been pregnant. It is the leading gynecology certified test that guarantees accurate results. It displays in actual words whether you are pregnant or not. It is ideal for use at home. The results are based on the ultrasound and menstrual period. It is very easy to use and comes with two sensitivity strips i.e. high and low. The high sensitivity strip will detect low levels of HCG while low sensitivity detects high levels of HCG. It is a two-in-one device that tests both pregnancy and estimates the number of weeks. With the help of your doctor’s advice, you can monitor the result of your pregnancy. It is a perfect substitute for all those fertility drugs available on the market.


1. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown

This is the only advanced pregnancy test that comes with a smart countdown. It comes with a wider wick together with a flood guard that helps in preventing errors and messes. It comes with over 99% accuracy level a day before expected period. Its accuracy is five extends for five days before any of your missed periods. The results are displayed in words. It eliminates wrong interpretations and confusions during pregnancy. It gives you ultimate accuracy.



There are various benefits of using these devices. Pregnancy tests are ideal in eliminating any confusion and guesswork. The above are the top best-tested brands that work efficiently. The last thing you will want to experience is worried about the results of your test. When you have a good pregnancy test, it can be very easy to make proper decisions.

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