Top 5 Best Bicycle Lock Reviews

Bicycles are very important means of transport across the globe. They are often used by employees while commuting to work, students when going to college, shoppers when going to shop and children when having fun, among many other application. Unfortunately, their convenience and ease-of-use also makes them easy targets for thieves. For this reason, it is extremely important to keep them secure when they are not in use. And that is where bicycle locks come in. There are special devices that are designed to secure bicycles and many other items, hence keeping thieves at bay. Ideally, a good quality lock should have a strong construction which offers cut-resistance, corrosion resistance, as well as pick and drill resistance. It must also be convenient and easy to use. For instance some are locked by digit combinations while others require keys. Below are the five best bicycle locks based on 2016 reviews:


5. Blusmart Bike Security-Cable Lock Combination

This is a heavy a heavy-duty bicycle lock that features a smart five-digit resettable lock, which allows you to open it with your own personal password. The product consists of strong and durable twisted-metal cables on the inside and a rubber coating on the outside. This offers strong resistance against cutting tools, water and high temperatures. Moreover, the lock pin is also made of waterproof metal material. The product features a 6 feet cable with a diameter of 0.56-inch diameter. This makes it ideal for locking up scooters, bicycles, grills and many other items.


4. The Abus Mini 140 U-Lock

This special lock is uniquely designed for those messengers and cyclists who want to achieve optimum security in a lightweight and easily portable package. Its 15 millimeter hardened steel shackle together with the lock body provides the best cut-resistance in high-risk areas. Moreover, its soft housing sleeve normally protects the frame from scratches and scrapes. The premium cylinder provides maximum protection from pullers, drillers and pickers. Furthermore, the shackle and its supporting elements are made of hardened steel material, which offers excellent resilience. Furthermore, this lock offers industry-leading corrosion resistance, and it normally comes with four keys.


3. The SANREN Basic Self-Coiling Resettable-Combination Cable Bike Lock, with Free-Mounting Bracket

This is another superior-quality lock that features a four-digit combination locking mechanism for key-less convenience. The combination allows for 10000 possibilities, which makes this lock almost impossible to crack. Moreover, it is easily resettable, hence you can set a personalized number combination whenever you want. The flexible 4 feet long by inches diameter cables offers strong cut resistance, while the vinyl coating helps to prevent scratching. The lock is ideal for use on bicycles, skateboards, sports equipment, tool boxes, ladders, grills, lawnmowers, gates and fences.


2. Xtreme Bright Illumi-lock Cable Bike Lock, with LED Light

This is an exceptionally easy-to-use lock which normally lights up for you to easily see your combinations even when in poorly lit areas or at night. Designed with the lock/unlocking mechanism, you will never struggle with your bike again. Moreover, it is made of military-grade braided steel and it is pick- and drill-resistant, shock resistant, waterproof and ultra-durable. It is an adaptable lock that will offer you the protection you have always dream of. Furthermore, it is a budget-friendly lock that features a 3.5-foot long cable with a 650-pound pull strength. The product is always backed by a 100-percent lifetime guarantee.


1. Kryptonite Kryptolok Series-2 Standard Bicycle U – Lock, with Transit Flex-Frame Bracket

This is the best bicycle lock based on 2016 reviews. It features a 13 millimeter hardened performance steel shackle, which resists cutting and leverages attacks. It normally comes with a high-security Bent-Foot (TM) design, which ensures optimum protection. The product features a pick & drill-resistant disc-style cylinder and normally comes with two keys for easier operation. The package also includes the transit FlexFrame bracket, which ensures easier mounting to a frame tubing. It is a compact lock that provides exceptional security, while still maintaining a more realistic size and weight.


Bicycle locks are very important units that are used to secure bicycles and many other items with ease. They help in preventing bicycle theft especially in high risk areas. Ideally the best lock should be easy to operate and use, strong and resistant to any form of abuse. However, there are so many bicycle locks on the market today and choosing the best one can be hard. If you are in such a fix, the above bicycle lock review can assist you to choose the right one.

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