Top 5 Best Food Processors in 2019 Reviews

Slicing, chopping, dicing, pureeing and mixing are just some of the food processing procedures that are frequently carried out in the kitchen. Although knives are often used to handle some of these tasks, it can be quite cumbersome especially when handling large amounts of food. And that is where food processors come in. These are electrically-powered kitchen appliances that are designed with different types of blades that are used for chopping, slicing, pureeing, shredding, grating and even kneading. The devices can handle large amounts of food at the same time, are easy to clean, easy to operate and even store. If you are searching for the best food processor, below are top five best food processors based on 2019 reviews:Best-Food-Processor-2016

5. Breville BFP-800-BSXL Sous-Chef Food Processor

This is a brilliant food processor that comes with five multi-functional discs and three blades for optimum performance. Its 5.55-inch super-wide feed chute reduces the need for pre-cutting your fruits and vegetables before feeding them in, which in turn saves you time. The design includes a large 16-cup processing bowl, and one small 2.5-cup mini-processing bowl for convenience regardless of the size of the food portions you are chopping. Moreover, it features a clear LCD display with the count-up and the count-down timer, which will help you to set the time you want to process your food.


4. Hamilton Beach-70740 8-Cup Food Processor

This is another high-performance processor that relies on robust motors and a stainless-steel slice/shred disc and a sharp chopping blade to easily chop, slice, shred and mix just about anything that is placed in the bowl. Moreover, the large feed chute can accommodate larger foods, hence minimizing the need for pre-cutting. Its dishwasher-safer parts ensure easier cleaning. It is a fast and versatile unit that can quickly chop onions, shred cabbages, slice salad ingredients, prepare pesto, grate cheese and mix sauces. The powerful 450-watt motor guarantees you effective food processing. Furthermore, its lid can be flipped for compact storage.


3. Cuisinart DFP-14-BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

This is a unique food-processor that features a very large feed tube which can hold whole fruits as well as vegetables with ease. It normally comes with a large-capacity 14-cup work bowl, a stainless-steel shredding disc, a chopping/mixing blade and a 4mm stainless-steel medium slicing disc. Run by a powerful 720-Watt motor, this versatile processor boasts of seven food preparation functions that will suit all of your needs. Its consistent and durable stainless-steel blades can handle just about any food preparation task with guarantee for professional results. Moreover, its single-touch operation makes it one of the easiest processors to work with.


2. Hamilton Beach-70730 Bowl-Scraper Food Processor

This is an elegant-looking yet very efficient food processor that will save you a lot of time when chopping or even pureeing. Its transparent 10-cup bowl allows you to see the food that is being processed. Moreover, you do not need to stop or remove the lead in order to dislodge your food from the bowl. It has a built-in scraper which will do all that work for you. In fact, you can do this when the device is still on, which allows for continuous processing. The large feed chute reduces the need for preparation work. Moreover the unit can accommodate both small and large ingredients with ease. The reversible slice/shred disc, together with the S-blade are quite effective in chopping, mixing and even pureeing. In addition, it features a compact design for easier storage.


1. Conair Cuisinart DLC-2-ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor

This is the best food processor based on 2019 reviews. It is a 250-watt food processor with a three-cup plastic bowl. It is a lightweight and durable processor with a simple push-button control panel. The product can handle different food preparation tasks, which include; grinding, chopping, pureeing, blending as well as emulsifying. Moreover, it features the auto-reversing SmartPower blade, which provides an ultra-sharp edge for effective food processing. The pulse-activation mechanism provides maximum control for precision processing while the powerful 250Watt motor can handle different tasks very effectively. Furthermore, its compact design ensures that it takes up very minimal space when stored.


Food processors are very important electrically-powered kitchen appliances that are used for different tasks such as chopping, slicing, grating, pureeing and mixing different types of foods. They are faster, more efficient and easy to operate. However, with so many food processors on the market today, finding the best one for your tasks may not be so easy. If you are in such a situation, the above food processor reviews can be of great help in enabling you to choose the best device.

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  1. These food processor are elegant and stylish. The best feature is you can grate, grind, chop, mince and slice any type of food. The other good feature is that it gives you to choose different size of bowls. It is easy to use and can be stored anywhere you want. I will use these blenders.

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