Top 5 Best Portable Solar Chargers in 2019 Reviews

You can imagine that moment when you need to use your wireless gadget the most only to be turned down by power shortage. This could be the most stressful moment for you. However, as the world is evolving and technology is rapidly advancing, the introduction of portable solar chargers has simplified most of our worries to a great extent. Portable solar chargers are beneficial to you if you are an everyday traveler who cannot find access to an electrical outlet. They are also the best way to conserve energy and saving. Taking the advantage of tapping solar power can help eliminate the stress of having to pay for those heaps of bills at the end of every month. Portable solar chargers are available in different make, sizes, and models. Here are the top 5 best portable solar chargers in 2019 review you can consider buying.

5. Light Weight Portable Solar Charger CHOE Solar Cell and Auto Detect

This is equipped with fast charging technology that helps deliver the fastest charging speeds. It is very durable and is equipped with rugged polyester made from high-quality PET polymer that is resistant to adverse weather conditions. It has a slim design that makes is fit into your pocket or backpack. It is very light in weight meaning you can carry it with total ease. Its frame design makes it easy to use for both indoor and outdoor needs. Do not get stuck while outdoors anymore as you can rely on this unit to keep your iPhone, iPad, and cell phone powered. It is an excellent option for any serious camper.


4. X-Dragon 14W Dual USB Sunpower Solar Charger

This is an exclusive portable solar charger that is ideal for a great outdoor experience. It utilizes its iSolar Technology that allows it to adjust automatically according to the existing voltage power to deliver the best charging performance. It has a foldable design hence you carry it around with ease. It prides of the highest efficiency and delivers up to 25% efficiency when compared to most solar panels. Its USB ports are widely compatible with a broad range of devices like Smartphones, tablets, iPads, PSP, headphones and Bluetooth Speakers. Faster charging implies maximum power savings. This unit is ultra-portable hence will not bore you with heavy weight when traveling.


3. Nekteck Upgraded Solar Dual Solar Charger

This has a compact, stylish and highly portable design that makes it the top choice for most users. It has an LED flashlight that makes it easy to use even in dimly lit areas. It delivers the highest power sufficient to charge all your wireless devices. Its Li-Polymer batteries are safe and won’t explode even when exposed to intense heat. It is an environmentally friendly system that will provide you with the best performance. It comes with a clip that shows you how to go about with it. It allows you to charge two devices at a go.


2. RAVPower 15 W Solar Charger with Dual USB Ports

It is equipped with High solar conversion charging technology that will keep your mobile devices powered wherever you go. iSmart Technology also helps ensure that this unit remains compatible with most of your devices. You can easily fold it to enhance portability whenever you travel outdoors. It is made from a mold and water-resistant nylon that makes it adapt to outdoor use. It is an elegant option every traveler can consider taking out. Make charging convenient and enjoyable while charging all your devices.


1. Anker 21W 2-Port USB Solar Charger

Anker Advantage has the fastest charging technology that helps it provide the fastest charging speeds. It is highly portable and safe to use. If you prefer an ultra-lightweight solar charger, then you got this brand. You can take it with you anywhere you go around the world. It has a polyester canvas that helps protect it from adverse weather elements. It is a practical unit that will bring all the convenience of charging to your hands. It is very simple to use just spread your system out to the sun and start powering your gadgets. It is the top rated device you can find around.



Portable solar chargers are great in ensuring your power safety wherever you travel o during electricity shortages. The above are the top rated brands you can buy.

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