Top 5 Best USB Fan Reviews

USB fans are more advanced types of fans which can be used anywhere to enhance air circulation and provide a cool refreshing breeze. They are normally powered by different devices that have USB ports such as computers, laptops, power banks among others. Their compact and lightweight designs ensure easier portability. Moreover, most of them can also be adjusted to different angles, inclinations and heights for convenient use. In fact, some of the best USB fans come with rechargeable batteries, which enable them to be used even when the USB device is switched off. Below are top five best USB fans based on 2016 reviews:


5. TAKSON Portable Mini USB LED-Clock Fan Cooler, with the Real-time Display Function for Laptops and Desktop Computers

This is a very advanced USB-powered fan which is uniquely designed to make any stuffy room comfortable, especially during hot summer days. You just need to plug the fan into a USB port to power it, which in turn enables the device to send a very cool and refreshing breeze your way. Moreover, as the blades of the fan spin, the cleverly aligned green and red LED’s normally display time on an analog clock face with the moving second, minute and hour hands. The device also features soft fan blades, which guarantee you safe use, even when you accidentally fall on or touch the spinning blades.


4. Ruishengda Good-Gifts Metal Mini Desktop USB LED-Clock Cooling Fan

This is another high-performance and elegantly designed USB-powered fan, which displays seconds, minutes and hours in real time. The unit also detects the real time temperature, which displays in degrees Celsius when the fun is running. Furthermore, it normally comes with a built-in four-message circular display containing words such as, I LOVE YOU, TAKE IT EASY, HOT SUMMER and BE COOL, which are not editable. Another great advantage of this fan is that it does not require the installation of any drivers in order to function. You just need to plug it into your computer or laptop for it to become operational.


3. PrettyCare USB Desk Personal Mini Fan: A Small and Portable Tabletop Fan with Pedestal/Air Radiator

This is a high quality USB fan, which is constructed using an all-metal, injury-prevention and rust-resistant frame, which has been tried and tested for performance. The fan uses a very powerful motor and four strong blades, which are adjusted using advanced balance technology. Furthermore, the fan uses a brush-less axial motor, which allows for quiet operation. It also comes with three anti-vibration pads, which help to minimize the noise even further. In addition, its stand can be adjusted up to 360 degrees, which means that you can actually enjoy the cooling effect from all directions.


2. Ambielly USB Mini Desk Cooler-Fan: The Velocity Personal Electric desktop fan

This is a superior-quality fun, which is powered by a 3.9 feet USB cable and is compatible with laptops, computers, portable chargers and many other devices that have a USB output. The fan features a 360 degrees adjustable tilt stand and a tilt-adjustable head, which allows you to easily focus the airflow wherever you want. Besides being USB-powered, the unit can also be charged for use when your computer, laptop, power bank or any other USB device is switched off. The device does not require any software to run. You just need to plug it into the USB port for it to become operational. It is also designed to allow for quiet operation.


1. iEGrow Hand-held USB Mini Misting Fan: with a Personal Cooling Humidifier

This is the best USB fan based on 2016 reviews. It is a two-in-one unit, which works as a beauty humidifier and a cooling fan. Furthermore, the device has three distinct modes, which are: the fan mode, misty mode and the fun + misty mode. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and features a compact and lightweight design with a handle for easier portability. Furthermore, its anti-spill design makes sure that it does not leak when filled with water. The fan is also very easy to operate and allows for quiet operation.


USB fans are compact, lightweight and easily portable devices which can easily be carried to different places for convenient use. They are also easy to operate and most of them do not require any software to run. However, with so many of these fans on the market, finding the best one is not always easy. The above USB fan review can help you when you want to choose the best.

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