Top 5 Best Virtual Reality Headsets 2019 Reviews

There was a time when virtual reality headsets were something that people could only imagine of. Fast-forward to 2016, the virtual reality headsets are very real. They are not just a dream anymore. You can buy them now and enjoy playing video games or watching movies with them while your head movements are tracked in a three dimensional world. You cannot compare the experience that these headsets provide to the experience you will get when using normal headsets. They are not very expensive, so you can still afford them even if your budget is tight. To help you purchase the best virtual reality headsets for your needs, here are top 5 best virtual reality headsets 2019 reviews.

Best Virtual Reality Headset


5. Homido Virtual Reality Headset

This is a perfect virtual reality headset for gaming and 360 viewing. It is a high quality and comfortable headset that is going to give you the best VR experience. It is a plug and play device. You will not need to assemble anything to be able to use it. All you will need to do when you buy it is take it out of the box, download its app, and then start using it. Even if you suffer from far sightedness or near sightedness, you will still be able to enjoy using this headset. It comes equipped with three settings for people that wear glasses. Other features include custom-made virtual reality lenses and optical settings adjustment 3D glasses. The headset is compatible with most of the smartphones that are available in the market.



4. NOON VR – Virtual Reality Headset

This virtual reality headset supports smartphone screen sizes that are 4.7 inches and larger. You are going to get a truly interactive and immersive virtual reality experience when using it. You can use the extended functions of NOON software for free when you buy this headset. Another thing that you will enjoy when you buy this headset is NOON and KOOM VR streaming service. With this service, you will be able to upload 3D videos that you captured on your camera without defects such as stereo-rig misalignment or camera lens distortions. Navigating its menus is absolutely easy. It comes prepackaged with an Android and iOS compatible app that allows you to browse and view 3D or 360 degree content with ease.



3. Freefly VR Virtual Reality Smartphone 3D Headset

This VR headset will track your 360 degrees head movements using your smartphone and project them in your screen. You are definitely going to feel like you are in a virtual world. It features a lightweight design as well as a soft leather finish to make sure that you feel comfortable when using it for longer periods. Other features that it comes with are a lens box for ease of storage and a carry-on box for ease of transportation. It is very easy to use. Even if you have never used a virtual reality headset before, you are going to have an easy time using it.



2. Sunnypeak VRG-10900 Virtual Reality Headset

This virtual reality headset features a solid construction that makes it very durable. It is made of high quality ABS. You are going to use it for many years to come before you think of buying another virtual reality headset. With the magnet button that it is equipped with, interacting with the screen is absolutely easy. It also features adjustable focal and pupil distances. The lenses feature a large size to allow you to enjoy super wide viewing angle as well as a perfect 3D experience when watching movies or playing your favorite video games. The screen is below 6.0 inches and is suitable for iOS smartphones and Android phones. Make sure that you do not push the magnet ring too hard if you want to keep it working well. Overall, it is a great virtual reality headset for the money.



1. DESTEK 2016 Vone 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset

You are definitely going to love this virtual reality headset. It features revolutionary technology that allows you to turn your smartphone into a nice virtual reality viewer. You can play 3D games, fly through the Grand Canyon, become a character in an animated film, or travel the city streets of Paris. It is well shaped and is made of non-toxic materials that will not pose any health risk. Also, it  features security breathable foam that makes sure that you are well protected from the machine. It comes with a free nose padding and NFC.



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