Top 5 Best Wi-Fi Range Extenders in 2019 Reviews

A Wi-Fi range extender or a range expander is a wireless repeater that works in expanding the reach of your wireless LAN. A Wi-Fi router enables you to enjoy wider network coverage for all your devices. It connects to your access point or router then picks the signal and retransmits it with more speed. Sometimes the walls, obstructions and other obstacles can hamper your network connection making it patchy and boring. In case you are bored with a weak signal, then a Wi-Fi range extender is the ideal and quickest way you can broaden the strength and scope of your wireless network. When buying a range extender, it is vital that you consider your network needs, preferences and features as well as your building layout and structure. If you are contemplating on buying one, then here are the top 5 best Wi-Fi range extenders in 2019 reviews to guide you.


5. TP-Link Wireless Touch Screen AC1900 Wi-Fi Range Extender

The intuitive touch screen makes this range extender an excellent option for secure and easy Wi-Fi setting. It works great and provides faster connections to many users at a go with its 1 GHz dual-core processor. It expands your Wi-Fi range for up to 10,000 square feet. It is equipped with Beamforming technology to help it provide maximum boost to every single device you use. It is the best choice for most game consoles and online streamers. There is also a TP-Link tethering app that enables you to connect to your tablet or smartphone.


4. Motoraux 1200 Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender with Four Antennas

This is equipped with a dual alternative frequency band that provides a maximum speed of 5 GHz. It is the simplest unit you can set up on your own. It is also very light compared to other range extender brands. For convenient switching, this range extender has a power on and off switch. It delivers lag-free and excellent game and video streaming with no buffing whatsoever. It is compact and has a wall plug that makes it easy to place and use. It can be the best upgrade for your home or workplace network connection.


3. TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender

This unit is easy to plug in and out meaning you can use it anywhere you want. It quickly locates your devices and boosts internet connection with its Beamforming technology. A Smart Signal Indicator allows you to select the best spot to set it up. It is capable of expanding and improving your internet connection for up to 10,000 square feet. It easily plugs into any outlet making it provide maximum Wi-Fi coverage in areas of weak and poor connection. It is flexible and installs without any major hassles. It is universally compatible with various devices.


2. NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi Range Extender AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit

This is designed to provide ultimate Wi-Fi range extension for up to 10,000 square feet. It is powered by dual-core 1GHz processor that delivers maximum Wi-Fi performance. It also has high-powered antennas and amplifiers that work synergistically to improve range coverage. It utilizes two Wi-Fi modes to provide the top speed connection making it an ideal option for gaming consoles and online video streamers. Entice your browsing and make life simpler that never before with this Wi-Fi range extender. Setting it up is pretty straightforward.


1. TP-Link AC750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender

Wireless dead zones should never give you a headache any further when you have this Wi-Fi range extender. It has an Ethernet port that allows you to connect to your wired devices like Smart TVs, game console or streaming player. It is a universally compatible unit that works with various devices. It provides coverage up to the hard-to-reach areas. It comes with installation instructions that make everything a breeze. Change it to the high-speed mode and enjoy the fastest browsing with all your devices. One great unique thing about this range extender is that it can be moved easily by unplugging it from one point to another outlet.



If you are running a business that needs a continuous and strong internet connection, or you are a fan of online gaming and streaming, then investing in a good Wi-Fi range extender is the worthy move you can make in answering your poor connection woes. Listed above are the best brands you can buy today.

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  1. TP-Link AC750 has improved my connectivity. Some folks like Netgear AC1900, but i find TP Link once a life saver. You didn’t include TPLink 850RE. It has also been performing seamlessly for me.

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