Top 5 Best Wrist Fitness Tracker Reviews

If you have decided to live a healthy lifestyle by becoming physically active, it is imperative that you buy a wrist fitness tracker. It is a very useful tool that will help you measure and monitor your level of activity with ease. It uses sensors to monitor movements and connects and syncs wirelessly with a smartphone or computer to store the data about your activities. With this device, your personal accountability while exercising is going to be very high. It will track your progress and goals and encourage you to walk or run more than you did previously. It is also going to help you set individually-tailored and reasonable goals. But you have to keep in mind that a wrist fitness tracker is like a gym membership; it will only prove beneficial if you use it. To help you buy the right one for your needs, here are top 5 best wrist fitness tracker reviews.


5. Fitness Tracker Wristband, Wireless Activity Monitor Sleep Tracker

This wrist fitness tracker will track your steps, calorie consumption, distance, activity time as well as sleep quality. It comes with a remote control that allows you to take videos and pictures. It is going to sync the statistics of your activity automatically using Bluetooth. Another notable feature that this fitness tracker has is an alarm reminder. It will alert you when the bracelet and cellphone is out of 5 to10 meters. The tracker features a waterproof design that makes it perfect for use any time. You can wear it while going for a swim, when it is raining outside, or when taking a shower without worrying about it getting damaged. It is equipped with everything that you require to have a successful fitness routine.


4. Lookatool® Smart Wrist Band Sleep Sports Fitness Activity Tracker

This fitness tracker is compatible with most iOS and Android devices. It features quality construction and works great. It will not fall off when you are running or when you happen to bump your wrist on anything accidentally. It is equipped with call and message reminders that you will find to be very useful. It will track your steps, the distance you have covered, sleep cycle and calorie consumption. It has a clear time display that allows you to monitor the time easily when working out. Its power consumption rate is very good. Normal use can take a week while standby can take up to three months.


3. Fitness Tracker,Toprime®Wearable Waterproof Smart Band with Multi-Functions Activity Tracker

With this wrist fitness tracker, you are going to have an easy time keeping a good figure. It is comprised of a lightweight band that will fit neatly on your wrist and has a large screen display that is very easy to read. It is made from water resistant material that keeps it protected from water and splashes. You do not have to worry about your data getting ruined when it is raining or when you are swimming with this fitness tracker on your wrist. It also has SMS and email alerts to make sure that you are up to date all the time.


2. Xiaomi Mi Band Smart Wristband Bracelet Fitness Wearable Tracker

This fitness tracker is designed to help you understand your every move in order to live an active and healthy lifestyle. It will keep track of your activity levels, calorie consumption and walking distance to allow you to achieve the exercise targets that you have set. It features automatic sleep monitoring that will analyze your sleep quality and vibration alarm that will wake you up gently and naturally from deep sleep. The tracker is adjustable to make sure that you have a snug fit that will not make you feel uncomfortable in the hand.


1. EFOSHM PINK Upgraded K5 Plus Wireless Activity & Sleep Monitor Pedometer Smart Fitness Tracker

This tracker will record and track your steps accurately. It is going to measure your daily walking distance and calculate your caloric consumption. It comes with a call reminder that will tell you who called you, an alarm clock that will tell you to do something that you have planned for, a sedentary reminder that will remind you to exercise when you become inactive, and a sleep monitor that will track your sleep cycle. Other features include a message reminder, data sync and pedometer. You will be really happy with the performance of this tracker.


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  1. nice. it is fashionable, workable, smart looking. from last month i am using it. this is qualitative product with handsome price. so you also use this smart product and make yourself fit man.

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