Top 5 Electric Breast Pumps in 2019 Reviews

Feeding a baby with pure natural milk is the best thing every mom wants to do for their little angels. However, improper latching, busy schedules and inverted nipples are some of the major nightmares that most moms experience. Breast pumps, therefore, have become a revelation to most moms. In fact, most lactation consultant and hospitals recommend the use of breast pumps in case you find yourself in this category. Electric breast pumps allow you to customize the number of pumps and suction strength. They require minimal effort to use, unlike manual pumps. Moreover, they are the fastest way you can express milk to your baby. By providing your baby with nature defense, electric breast pumps ideal in case you want to boost the overall health of your baby. Their multiple settings make them more comfortable to use. Manufacturers have flooded the market with various brands of electric breast pumps. If you are looking forward to buying one, then here are the top 5 best electric breast pumps in 2019 reviews to guide you.


5. Bellema Professional Care Double Electric Breast Pump

Bellema Professional is made of BPA-free and FDA approved parts. This unit is compatible with many wide necks Philips AVENT bottles and comes with a bottle adapter that enables you to convert into a standard bottle. It is far much lighter and small in size making it compact to use for all your breastfeeding needs. The overall design of this pump makes it easy to clean and maintain. Its LED screen clearly shows the pumping mode, level and times. Assembling this unit is pretty fast and straightforward.


4. Philips AVENT Double Comfort Electric Breast Pump

This comes with a unique design that makes it more comfortable to use. Its soft massage cushioning helps stimulate the flow of milk. It allows you to customize with the three different milk expression settings i.e. low, medium and high. Its BPA-free parts make it healthy for your baby use. Besides, it is dishwasher safe and easy to assemble. It is effective in mimicking your baby’s suckling patterns. If you are on a tight schedule and want to save precious time, then this is the pump to go for. Sit comfortably as you pump. This new model comes inclusive of a huge 25 mm breast cushioning for smooth breastfeeding experience.


3. Medela Pump-in-style Advanced Electric Breast Pump

This is another versatile electric breast pump cordless with its strong AA batteries or use when plugged. It operates on 2-phase expression technique that effectively pumps breast milk. It has a cool removable bag that is contoured with ice packs and can hold up to 4 bottles. If convenience is all you need, then this pump is quite portable and discreet for all your pumping needs wherever you are. Regular commuters find this pump their best companion. It is a life savior and makes everything far much simpler. The entire setup of this pump is highly intuitive. Cleaning too is a breeze. It is a dependable pump that never fails to impress.


2. Spectra Baby USA Double and Single Electric Breast Pump

This is a super quiet electric pump you can use anywhere you are. It has a fully customizable program that you can set to suit your breastfeeding style. Its closed system makes it hygienic hence ideal for your baby’s feeble immune. You can adjust it to a single or double pumping system. Its sucking action is much more like that of a baby and works great, unlike other cheap brands. It is totally light in weight making it easy to use. A motor life of about 1500 hours make it durable and guarantees you long lasting use.


1. Medela Pump-in-style with on the Go Tote Electric Breast Pump

Ever wanted a reliable breast pump for your daily use? If yes, then this double electric breast pump is recommended for you if you pump severally in a day. It comes with a battery pack that allows you to pump milk both indoors and outdoors. It has bottle holders that help eliminate milk spills. The stylish On-the-Go Tote has an integrated pump that helps hold everything you need to carry. All its parts are BPA-free meaning it is healthy for your baby use.



Breastfeeding should never be a headache to you. Electric breast pumps make everything simple for you. The above are the top recommended brands you can buy if you are planning to acquire one.

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