Top 5 Food Steamers in 2019 Reviews

Steam cooking is one of the fastest and healthiest ways of cooking food. It is a common cooking method used by Indians, Chinese and Africans. It is an efficient cooking method that adds shape, color and taste to your food. This is why a steam cooker is of great benefit to you in various aspects. A steam cooker helps keep the shape of your food hence eliminating all the worries that food might turn to an entirely unique shape you never imagined. Food cooked in a steam cooker retains all the essential minerals and vitamins. Another benefit with steam cookers is that they do not require oil hence you are assured of a healthy meal every time you use. It is both time and energy saving. Here are the top 6 best food steamers in 2019 reviews.


6. Wolfang Puck1400 Watt BPA-Free 3-Tier Rapid Food Steamer

This features the simplest operation ever. All you do is to fill its removable tank and add food to it. It is compact in size for easy storage. It enables you to cook up to three dishes at a go. This is why it is preferred by most professional chefs and large families. If you have a busy schedule and want to spend the least time possible in your kitchen, this might be your ideal pick. It is made from a BPA-Free plastic making it safe to use.


5. New Digital 2-Tier Food Steamer from Hamilton

This is perfect for steaming various types of food including delicate fish, seafood, eggs, head of broccoli, eggs and much more. It makes those hard-to-cook foods far much simple. It cooks pretty fast compared to many brands on the market. The good thing about this steamer is that it is quiet. Lightweight means it can be moved around with ease. It suits various cooking projects in your home.


4. T-Fal VC1338 Balanced Living Compact 2-Tier Electric Food Steamer

Make cooking in your kitchen digital by using this elegant steamer. It comes with a digital 60-minute timer. It also has two tiers together with a large removable plate where you can place larger items. It is backed up by a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Its compact size makes it easy to store after use. It retains cleanliness of your kitchen by eliminating all those messes. It is also quiet and does not produce unnecessary noise. The ability to monitor the water level from outside adds convenience to your cooking.


3. Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier Food Steamer

This is the most versatile steamer that can be used in cooking all food types. It enables you to preset and delay your cooking for as long as 12 hours. It can also keep your food warm for as long as 95 minutes. It is professionally designed to match with the North American Electrical Standards; hence, you are assured of safe operations. It allows you to cook more delicious meals in your home with ease. It has a user-friendly LCD that is simple to control. It has a space-savvy design making it easy to store in your home. Cleaning it up after cooking is all a breeze.


2. Aroma 20 Cup Cooked Digital Rice Cooker Food Steamer

This is well known as the number one rice cooker brand. It has a non-stick cooking surface that makes it easy to clean. Its programmable options are all intuitive and seamless to operate. Times you could get numbed with cold food are long gone. This steamer has an automatic Keep Warm function to make your food warm for hours. It can cook as from 4-20 cups of rice and keep it warm. It is ideal for preparing food for large families easily. It comes in a complete package of a serving spatula, steam tray, and a measuring cup.


1. Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer

This is the leading and most admired brand in the market. It is a versatile option that delivers the best cooking results. Its compact nested design makes it easy to store in your small kitchen cabinets. It is digitized; hence, you can cook at the convenience of a touchpad. It keeps your food warm automatically when ready. It has a two-tier system where you can choose depending on the size of the food you want to cook. It is a reliable food steamer that you can’t fail to pass by.



The type of food steamer you use can bring about all the difference in the quality of food you prepare. Preserve the taste, shape and color of your food by using a good food steamer.

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