Top 5 Personal Water Filter Reviews

A personal water filter is something you should consider buying if you want to remove doubts about the quality of water that you drink every day. Even if the water that reaches your tap has been thoroughly tested, you cannot be so sure that it is safe for drinking. A personal filter will provide better tasting as well as better smelling drinking water by getting rid of chlorine and bacterial contaminants. It can also help in removing lead from your drinking water, which is a very harmful substance if it is left to enter your body. The filter will selectively remove dangerous contaminants from your water while retaining useful minerals that play an important role in balancing the pH of the water. To help you choose the right one for your needs, here are top 5 personal water filter reviews.


5. Survival Personal Water Filter

If you love camping, hiking and other outdoor sport activities, you need to seriously consider buying this personal water filter. It is not just a water filter, but a three piece survival set. It eliminates bacteria, reduces heavy metals and filters contaminants that are as small as 0.05 microns. It is built to last. When you buy it, you can be sure that you are going to use it for a very long time. It produces water at a superfast flow rate of 7 ounces per minute. Using it should not be a problem because it comes with a detailed instructional manual. It is adaptable for multiple uses. Using the Survivor Filter canteens, you can use it to drink water directly from a fresh water source. It can easily screw into most of the standard water bottles.


4. Etekcity 1500L Water Personal Filter Purifier Chemical Free

This personal water filter has been tested to ensure maximum safety and quality. You can use to drink safely wherever you go. You will find it to be very ideal if you are a recreational camper, survivalist, hiker, or just for emergency use. It features a double filtration system with the capacity to filter approximately 1500 liters of water. It eliminates all harmful contaminants that may be in the drinking water you take, including heavy metal irons, coli bacillus, chlorine, legionella, volatile organic compounds and insect contaminants. It is very easy to use. You simply need to immerse it into a body of unfiltered fresh water and then drink safely.


3. Survivor Filter – Reusable Personal Water Filter

This is a nice and durable personal water filter that you should definitely consider buying if you really care about the quality of the water that you drink. It eliminates all gunk from tap water, including the brown silt and chlorine that you would sometimes see or taste in the water. It does not need force when sucking water through, something that makes it very easy to use. It measures about 7 inches and features a compact design that will not take up a lot of space in your backpack. It comes with a lifetime warranty.


2. LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with Integrated 1000-Liter LifeStraw Filter

There is no denying how great and useful this personal water filter is. It will give you safe water for drinking even when you are at a place that does not have a water source nearby. You simply need to use the water bottle to scoop water from a river, pond or stream to have a supply of fresh and clean drinking water. It is an ideal choice of water filter to take with you when you are going camping, hiking or traveling to areas that have poor water quality. Since it is detachable, you can buy a replacement filter once it reaches capacity.


1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This personal water filter features a high flow rate and a lightweight design that makes it very easy to carry around. It contains no batteries, no chemicals and no moving parts that will wear out. If you are an ultra-light packer, hiker, camper, hunter, boy scout or traveler, it will be perfect for you. It has been taken through independent testing and found to meet EPA standards for water filtration. It is very easy to use. It takes about three to five seconds of sucking for water to start flowing through it.


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