Top 5 Photography Lighting Sets in 2019 Reviews

If you are a professional photographer, you understand that proper lighting can significantly affect the overall quality of your photographs. For this reason, you need a good quality lighting set that will properly highlight your subject, eliminate shades and provide powerful, soft and even lighting. Ideally, the best set up should be a portable set that quite easy to set up. The stands should be made from good quality and lightweight materials that offer optimum stability and easier portability. Below are top five photography lighting sets based on 2019 reviews:


5. Neewer 600 W 5500 K Photo Studio Day-Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit, for Product, Portrait & Video Shoot Photography

This is a professional lighting set that comprises of two 33-inch/84cm white translucent umbrellas, two 83-inch/210cm tall studio light stands and one 31-inch/80cm tabletop light stand. Moreover, the package also includes three 45W daylight studio bulbs, three single-head light holders, an umbrella carry case and one bulb carry bag. The white translucent umbrellas are lightweight and quite easy to set up, while the lightweight stands are made from an aluminum alloy, which gives them extra strength for heavy-duty work. The kit is ideal for advertising products, photo art, scientific, technical and industrial photography as well as photographic reproduction.


4. 16-Inch Cube Light Tent Backdrop 3 x SoFtboxes Table-Lighting Kit 150w Photo Studio

This is an upgraded photography light-tent that is ideal for commercial product catalogs. The set features three softboxes, which offer lighting from the top and the sides for optimum results. The three 85W bulbs are designed to deliver powerful, soft and even lighting. It is a 16-inch by 16-inch by 16-inch cube light tent that sets up in minutes. The set is ideal for objects that are less than 16-inches such as small furnishings and toys.


3. StudioPRO 24-Inch Photo Studio Portable Tabletop Product Photography Lighting Tent Light-box Kit

If you are looking for a light tent kit for a photography studio, this is the set for you. The package includes four backdrops, two light stands and two 30 W daylight fluorescent bulbs. Note that this tent is uniquely designed to provide a clear working space as well as diffuse and soften light on the subject. It normally works by reducing hot-spots as well as minimize over-exposure for those images that require minimal post-process editing. The set is ideal for subjects that are less than 24-inches like toys and collectibles.


2. Linco store 2000W Photo-Studio Lighting Kit with Three Color Muslin Backdrop and Background Stand

This is another high-performance kit that has found a spot on the list of the best photography lighting sets on the market. It is an efficient kit that sets up in a few seconds. It comprises of the new “X-shape” Auto Pop-up softbox with the diffuse bag, and flat bag, the new-design Flora X four-socket light-head with a ceramic base protector and a cap, three Linco5140 flora, three Linco8806 zenith 77-inch lightweight light stands and twelve Linco-PP-171050-1 photography studio soft white bulbs. The good thing about this set is that it gives you the option of upgrading to the 7×10-backdrop stand support-kit, which is ideal for handling larger tasks. There is no doubt you will get value for your money with this kit.


1. Photography Photo-Portrait Studio 600 W Daylight Umbrella Continuous-Lighting Kit from LimoStudio LMS103

This is the best photography lighting set based on 2019  reviews. The set is comprised of two LimoStudion 86 inches tall high output umbrella flash-strobe light stands, one 28 inches tall high quality accent tabletop light stand, three single-head photo-lighting fluorescent light holders and three digital full-spectrum 45W bulbs. Note that the lightweight stands are constructed using aluminum alloy, which offers maximum stability and durability. In addition, the set also includes one convenient umbrella carry case and one bulb carry bag.Photography-Photo-Portrait-Studio-600W-Day-Light-Umbrella-Continuous-Lighting-Kit-by-LimoStudio-LMS103

Photography lighting sets are very important accessories for professional photographers who want to produce high quality photos regardless of the environment. They provide the best lighting for photography, which ensures that the images that are captured in the process are clear. However, with so many photography lighting kits getting in the market so often, getting the right set to use on your projects can be an uphill task. However, if you are in such a situation, the above photography lighting set reviews can help you to find the best.

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