Top 5 Smartphone Tripod Reviews

Well, the explosion of smartphone technology has transformed our day to day lives. In fact, some of us can hardly imagine a day without one. Most smartphones come with powerful cameras that take breathtaking selfies, record excellent videos and shoot high quality and impressive pictures. However, some of us experience a small challenge when taking pictures and shooting videos with their smartphones. If you have that mentality of covering your camera’s lens with your finger, then you need a smartphone tripod mount to resolve the problem. Smartphone tripod mount gives you hands-free operation and full 360-degree rotation so you can shoot any style you need. The best smartphone tripod mounts are flexible, come with wrappable legs and are universally designed to fit smartphones of all sizes. Currently, many types of smartphone mounts come with different features. If you are hunting for a high-quality smartphone tripod mount for a steady and convenient photography, then here are the top 5 smartphone tripod reviews to guide you.


5. Extendable Tripod Stand with Swivel Head and Bracket Mount

As you dive into the smartphone technology, ensure that you do it in style with a pretty good smartphone tripod mount. This tripod is made specifically for the smart devices. It provides maximum flexibility while remaining functional. It is a high-quality tripod made of sturdy metal hence a long-lasting tripod. You can use it both in landscape and portrait orientations. It has an adjustable ball point and a mounting bracket that allows for making slight adjustments as you shoot cool photos and videos. It is perfect for use with small devices such as Pico projectors, cellphones, and cameras.


4. Universal Selfie Kit with Bluetooth Remote Control

This is the simplest but most efficient tripod stand. It is a universal tripod that is compatible with a broad range of devices including tablets and smartphones. It is a steady tripod that features non-skid rubber feet, hence, assures you the total safety of your device. It makes photography more of fun with its Bluetooth remote control. You can shoot excellent photos wirelessly for up to a distance of 30 feet. It eliminates the stress of setting up timers and rushing around often. It is lightweight and compact size. Therefore, you can carry it with ease. Capture amazing images with fun by getting yourself the best tripod stand.


3. Camkix Universal Adjustable Phone Holder with Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Safety of your device is critical while you are shooting pictures and videos outdoors. This tripod stand provides you unending fun by making it simple to take group photos and selfies. It comes with three telescopic legs that adjust quickly from 9.5-16 cm. It also has a swivel mount with a ball joint that rotates and tilts easily hence enabling you a hassle-free photography experience. Additionally, it comes with a compact and ultra-lightweight remote control that makes it convenient to carry around. It is simple to set up and use. It is a great tool if you want to make your photography viral.


2. eCost Connection Aluminum Camera Tripod with Universal Smartphone Mount

It is designed to stand out and make your photography come alive. It allows you take incredible pictures and is compatible with a variety of devices such as Apple iPhones and most smartphone devices. It has secure attachment and well-padded grip to avoid accidental slipping. It has an adjustable center pole to enables you customize and get a perfect view of whatever you want to shoot. The aluminum alloy legs together with 3-way pan head combines flexibility with durability. It is an adorable tripod stand that will impress you.


1. InnerTeck 70-Inch Camcorder Tripod Monopod

Being the most sought-after tripod, it has adjustable legs with rubber padded feet to improve the stability and safety of your device. It make you easier with its 360-degree swivel function. With the four-section lever-lock legs you can effortlessly adjust the height you need. It is very portable; thus, you can take photos with your smartphone wherever you are.


A smartphone tripod is a must-have photography gear if you care much about the safety of your device. There are many options you will find on the market. Listed above are the top rated brands you can buy.

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