Top 6 Best Electric Shavers in 2019 Reviews

Men’s grooming has never been an easy task. Sensitive skin, tight schedules among other issues make grooming a worrisome task. However, with the cutting-edge features and other benefits of electric shavers, everything has become as simple as 1,2,3. Electric shavers are pretty fast. This is the biggest benefit you can enjoy in using an electric shaver. There are no setups to do, no stressful maintenance and cleaning, no need to wait for your hair to dry for you to shave, all you have to do spare some minutes and shave your hair whenever you want. Electric shavers are pretty simple to use. If you are a regular traveler, you will also find electric shavers the best option as you can take them with you. They are also the best way to reduce nicks, cuts and skin irritations. Electric shavers are available in different brands on the market. Here are the top 6 best electric shavers in 2019 reviews to guide in selecting the best brands.

6. Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil Electric Shaver

Remington F5-5800 can be used both corded and cordless. A five-minute quick charge allows you to shave for a full hour. It features a rinseable design and a pop-up trimmer. Cleaning this shaver is all easy. With only a few passes of this shaver, you can have a professional, high-quality shave. It works by combining both Flex and Pivot technology that makes it follow all the contours of your face hence delivering a perfect shave. It shaves silently and has a large shaving surface than most brands around.


5. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100

This comes with a 3D pivoting head that delivers a close shave while preventing those bothersome nicks and cuts. It is equipped with a water-resistant casing that helps make it ideal for use in both wet and dry shaves. It has 5-length settings that you can adjust to attain the best shave you desire. It cuts all types of hair whether thin or thick. The shaving heads can be replaced on a yearly basis making it easy to maintain. The blades have a self-sharpening mechanism that helps it deliver precise cut every time you use.


4. Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 Electric Shaver 2100

This is the newly advanced version in the Philips Norelco line. It has a durable self-sharpening blade that provides up to 25% closer shave. It has a pop-up trimmer that is ideal for shaving moustaches and sideburns. You can use it corded or cordless. It can be recharged when the battery gets low. It has a charging LED indicator that shows you its charging status. It is pretty simple to clean and use again. It is designed in a way that it navigates all the contours of your face efficiently to deliver the best grooming results in the hard-to-reach areas.


3. Philip Norelco Multigroom Series 3100 QG3330

If you want a shaver that will provide you with complete styling and trimming of your hair, then this is the brand to go to. It comes with five attachments i.e. fully trimmer, nose trimmer, beard, moustache trimmer and stubble trimmer. It has up to 18 –length settings that you can adjust to get the best shave you need. It is resistant to water, therefore, can be cleaned with ease. You can also use it for wet shaving. It works pretty well on all hair types without causing skin irritation. You can use it with power connected as it gets charged in the process.


2. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Electrical Foil Shaver

Braun Series 7,790cc is another best shaver that works by a combination of foil and blades to deliver the closest shave ever. It is capable of trimming the hair of up to 0.05mm. It has ActiveLift trimmer that helps capture all the lying hair. The results of using this trimmer are always smooth skin free from all forms of irritation. It cleans hygienically, charges easily and provides a broad coverage. What other brands do in two strokes is done once by this brand. It is the smartest choice recommended for any discerning man.


1. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1 Men’s Groomer

This is the best trimmer around. It delivers both comfort and closeness. It is designed to provide the best shaving experience for both body and face. It is tested and certified to meet all the dermatological standards making it one safe brand to use. It is equipped with a Precision Edging Blade that delivers a smooth glide and a close shave. The three interchangeable blades work synergistically to deliver a consistent shave to you every time you shave. It is highly versatile and waterproof meaning you can either shave when wet or dry. It is recommended for all men with sensitive skin.



A smart shaver means an intelligent man. With a good electric shaver, you can be assured of the best shaving experience, an experience you will want to share. The above are the top rated electric shaver brands on the market worthy of purchase.

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