Top 6 Best Eye Mask for Sleeping Reviews

It is no surprise, and you must have heard or seen sleeping eye masks as they have been around for decades. Ideally, eye sleeping masks can bring a huge difference in the quality of your sleep despite that you might take the time to get used to them. Eye masks are available in various types. There is gel-filled, herb-filled and utilitarian cotton, and all serve different functions. They cover most parts around your eyes down to cheeks. Eye masks help reduce swelling in case you experience puffiness in your eyes. You can apply it and leave for 20 minutes, and the pain will be gone. They also remedy sinus pain that results from intense heat and pressure. Research also shows that eye masks help increase your Rapid Eye Movement. In case you cannot sleep well, then you have higher chances of low REM. Sleep masks, therefore, aid to lengthen your REM. If you can’t sleep due to TV light or any other night light, then here are the top 6 best eye mask for sleeping reviews to guide you.


6. 3D Sleep Mask with Contoured Eyemask Silk for Men, Women, and Kids

This features a super slim design that makes it remain light and easy in your eyes. Its super soft 3D eye shades with large cavities make it extra comfortable. The raised nasal bridge and thickened canthus make it not interfere with your makeup. It comes inclusive of a travel pouch that enables you to carry wherever you go hence guarantee you nice sleep anywhere you are. It fits snugly and does not slip off easily.


5. TravelSnugs EyeSnugs Contoured Sleep Mask

This is one of the best quality eye sleeping masks on the market. It is made by combining soft and lightweight materials together with highly cushioned mold to add comfort. You can always wake up to experienced a perfect feel of a deep night sleep every time you use this mask. It works perfectly for both home and travel use. It is certified to increase your Rapid Eye Movement. You can wear it at night, during an afternoon nap, or that horrid early morning sun. It has adjustable straps that aid you have a snug fit. It is hand-washable hence, can be cleaned with ease. It surely blocks 100% of the light from peeping through it.


4. Sleep Mask Purefly Natural Silk Eye Mask

If you need to surprise your friend or family member who experiences sleepless nights with an eye sleeping mask, then this will make it happen. It is a super-smooth mask that is made of ultra soft materials making it feel very smooth to your skin. It is super light hence will not burden you. It can be worn anytime you want. If you experience dry eyes, then this brand is breathable and contains natural silk fibers that help promote healthy circulation of oxygen. This mask can be your savior whenever you want to sleep, but your friend is still watching.


3. Nidra Patented Premium Quality Sleeping Mask

Sleep deeply, blink with ease and sleep longer whenever you have this sleeping mask. It is ideal for various occasions like when in bed, flight, long car drive or even during camping. It leaves you relaxed than never before. It is ultra-lightweight hence easy to wear and take off. The nose region is cut out, unlike many other 3D masks. This helps eliminate common problems that people experience when they are asleep. The adjustable straps are contoured from your eyes making it great.


2. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

This is one gentle mask that has a headband that is easy to adjust. The head strap remains at the back of the head hence won’t affect your sleep in case you are a side sleeper. Its breathable natural fibers make it ideal for dry eye problems. Women, men as well as children can wear it. It is the best gift you can present to anyone seeking an uninterrupted sleep. It covers you eye region completely as it is extra large.


1. Bedtime Bliss Contoured and Comfortable Sleeping Mask

Regardless of light intensity, this mask blocks it completely and lets you fall asleep. It is designed with user’s needs in mind rendering it a versatile and durable brand. It is made out of high-quality materials and suits men, women and children alike. It is tested and certified to help promote your REM. It is lightweight and easy to wash with your hands. The adjustable straps make it fit all head sizes. It comes with a carry case; hence, you can travel with it wherever you go. If the light is becoming a nightmare to you, then this has all the solutions you needed.



Sleep is vital for your overall health. Therefore, light should not deprive you a quality sleep. The above are the top rated eye masks you can consider.

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