Top 6 Best Smart Pet Feeders in 2019 Reviews

Smart pet feeders are a really nice solution for feeding your pets when you are too busy or are not available at home on a daily basis to feed them. They contain automatic timers that will dispense food at the intervals that you will set. Some of them can hold several meals or even record a message for your pet. Even if you are at home on a daily basis, you can still find the smart pet feeders to be of great use. You will not need to worry about forgetting to feed your pet when you get too busy with other things. They will give food to your pet on a regular basis. With so many types of smart pet feeders in the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be a daunting task. To help you choose the right one for your needs, here are top 6 best smart pet feeders in 2019 reviews.

Best Smart Pet Feeders

6. PETMAKER Large Capacity Automatic Programmable Pet Feeder

This is a large capacity pet feeder that is designed for all sizes of pets. It features programmable days, portion sizes, as well as feeding time. It is equipped with a smart sensor that prevents the feeding tray from being overloaded. You can be sure that your pet is going to have just enough without underfeeding or overfeeding. Other features include a pet-proof lock on the lid for improved security and a unique anti-clogging feature for food hopper. You can be able to record a six second message for your pet using this feeder to alert them when it is about feeding time.


5. Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Pet Feeder

If you want to put your pet on a diet, this AutoDiet Pet Feeder from Wireless Whiskers is going to serve you really well. It will also help you solve feeding problems if you have a number of pets. If there is one pet that likes eating the food that belongs to other pets, you will be able to control that with ease once you start using this feeder. It welcomes each pet by name and can work with up to eight pets. It is comprised of two wireless tags and an AC adapter.


4. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed 12 Meal Automatic Feeder

This is a convenient feeder that makes it absolutely easy for you to feed your pet on time. It also ensures that your pet gets the right amount of food. It is fully programmable and will give your pet every meal depending on the portion as well as schedule that you set. It uses a conveyor belt to issue the food to the pet. This ensures accuracy and best portion control. You can program it to feed your pet up to 12 times a day.


3. Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

This pet feeder allows you to give your pet wet food, dry food, treats and medication easily even when you are not at home. It features a built-in webcam to allow you to see the pet from any Android, iOS, Mac or Windows device. Setting up the feeder is absolutely easy. It connects under one minute to your Wi-Fi network at home. You can set it to feed your pet only one time or several times in a day at regular intervals.


2. Hoison Smart Feeder

With this smart pet feeder, you are going to have an easy and fun way of feeding and interacting with your pet even when you are not available at home. It allows you to set the feeding schedule based on the demand and eating habits of your pet. It features an accurate weighing sensor that allows you to know how much food your pet takes. Other smart functions that this pet feeder comes with include offline feeding, cloud service, health management and remote control.


1. Petnet SmartFeeder

It will be absolutely easy to keep your pet healthy and happy when you have this Petnet smart feeder. It will help you manage eating times, ingredients and portion sizes with ease. It measures portions depending on the weight, age, as well as level of activity of the pet. Even when you are at work, you can still be sure that your pet is taking the right amount of food.



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