Top 6 Camera Lens Filters

Camera lens filters are indispensable in digital photography. They are used for capturing scenery in extremely difficult conditions, reducing reflections, enhancing colors, or simply protecting the lenses. There are some photographers and videographers that only use the filters in rare situations and others that use them for their day to day work. For instance portrait and street photographers rarely get to use the filters while landscape photographers heavily rely on them to get the best shots. They are very necessary for modifying light before it enters the lens. Actually, they can help in getting better results during post processing. With different types of camera lens filters in the market, buying the right ones for your needs can be a bit of a daunting task. Here are top 6 camera lens filters reviews to help you choose the right ones for your needs.


6. Neewer® 58MM Complete Full Color Lens Filter Set

These are full color filters that provide a complete color transition that gives a smooth blending effect. If you are looking to give your landscape as well as skin texture a more colorful touch, they are going to prove great. They are absolutely perfect when it comes to changing the mood of the photographs. They can fit any camera lens that has a filter thread that measures 58mm. They are double threaded, something that allows more filters to be screwed one over another. They feature high quality glass and metal construction that makes them very durable. They are also lightweight, and as a result will not cause your camera to feel bulky.


5. Rangers Focus Series 49mm Full ND Filters

If you are looking for camera lens filters that are great for long exposure shots as well as slower shutter speeds, these ones will not disappoint you. They are made of an aluminum alloy frame that ensures the highest performance when you are using them. They are compatible with Canon EF 50mm f/.1.8 STM lens as well as all 49mm diameter lenses. They feature a lightweight, extra slim design that will not make your camera feel bulky at all. Just make sure that you verify the lens thread size of your camera before you go ahead to order them.


4. XCSOURCE Complete Square Kit Filter

You are going to love this camera lens filters for various reasons. First, they are going to allow you to control light and color directly to the raw images at the time of shooting. Second, they are going to allow you to keep the quality of the images that you will take without doing excessive post production work. Third, they will enable you to create specific effects when saving on your machine. You can use the same filter for all your lenses. You simply need to replace the adaptor ring on the filter. They are nice filters that you will definitely have fun shooting with.


3. Vivitar 58MM Lens Filter Accessory Kit

These are high quality filters that will give you good value for your money. In the kit, there are a total of four close-up filters of increasing magnification. They are double threaded, something that allows additional filters, attachments or lenses to be mounted on top. There are UV filters that will protect from lens from scratches, absorb ultra-violet rays and remove fingerprints, CPL filters that will remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces, and FLD filters that will allow you to use your camera under fluorescent lighting. They are compatible with all 58 mm lenses.


2. 52MM Altura Photo Professional Photography Filter Kit

If you have a camera with lenses that have a 52 mm thread, these filters will be perfect for you. Since they are double threaded, you can be able to mount additional filters one over the other. The different types of filters in the kit include UV filters, CPL filters and ND4 filters all which will prove to be very important. They are durable, high quality filters that you will not regret spending your money on. They come with a protective carrying pouch to allow you to transport them from one place to another with ease.


1. 49MM Professional Lens Filter Accessory Kit

This is a nice set of filters that you should consider buying if you have a camera that uses 49mm lenses. They are very easy to use. They will quickly attach to the front of your camera lens. With proper use and care, you are going to stay with them for a very long time because they are made of high impact plastic. They feature a professional tulip design that allows for greater versatility. They are compatible with Sony Alpha A3000 as well as the NEX series.



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