Top 6 Diving Mask and Snorkel Sets in 2019 Reviews

If you are a scuba diving or snorkeling enthusiast, you will require quite a bit of gear. The most important of them all is a diving mask and snorkel set. A great diving mask can literally determine the difference between spending all your time exhaling water and a great dive. The same applies for snorkeling masks. If you get the best one, you are definitely going to have a great time in the waters. Having the wrong mask for scuba diving or snorkeling can be very frustrating. The mask can cause irritation and prevent you from fully enjoying the experience of underwater sight-seeing. A good mask should allow you to see clearly when you are under water by creating airspace. You should also be able to exhale properly when wearing the mask. To help you choose the right mask for your needs, here are top 6 diving mask and snorkel sets in 2019 reviews.


6. Cressi Rondinella Full-Foot Mask Fin Snorkel-Set with Bag

This is an incredibly great snorkel set that you will love if snorkeling is one of your favorite pastimes or sports. The set includes a frameless mask with dry snorkel and mesh bag. It is perfect for free driving, snorkeling and long swims. It features a durable and lightweight design that makes it absolutely easy for you carry around. It is made from resilient polypropylene material that improves performance as well as blade stability. The mask has a one-piece tempered glass lens that is very clear and distortion-free. It offers a wide field of view.


5. Phantom Aquatics Legendary-Mask Fin Snorkel-Set with Mesh Bag

With this snorkel set, you will be able to explore the water without any worries. It includes a panoramic mask that features patented panoramic bonded lens technology that provides a stunning field of vision. In the set, there are also adjustable open heel fins that help in conserving energy as well as delivering an easy and smooth kick when snorkeling. You will be able to stay inside the water longer without feeling any strain in your feet. Another notable feature is the submersible dry top kernel that allows your breathing tube to stay clear above and below the water.


4. US Divers Icon Mask & Airent Snorkel

If want you want is a great quality mask for basic snorkeling, this US divers icon mask will be great. It features hypoallergenic silicone face-skirt construction that provides ultimate comfort. It is equipped with three-way adjustable pro-glide buckles that allow for easy adjustments. Other features include a wide open tube that allows you to breathe without any obstruction and a one-way purge valve that makes clearing easy. The mask fits nicely and does not fog much.


3. Phantom Aquatics Speed-Sport Signature Mask Fin Snorkel-Set

This snorkel set will definitely be worth the money that you will spend on it. It will help you snorkel with half the effort and twice the speed. It features an open heel snorkeling fin that has an adjustable strap, low internal volume silicone mask, comfort liquid silicone skirt that ensures a water tight seal, and a semi dry top valve snorkel that prevent water entry when you are snorkeling deep in the waters. That mask does not fog up and provides a clear field of vision underwater. The flippers are small enough to easily fit into a bag.


2. US Divers Adult Cozumel Mask

You will be very satisfied with this snorkel set. It comes in a decent quality bag that has a shoulder strap to allow you to carry it around with ease. The set includes a two-way window mask, three-way adjustable buckles, fins that have a full foot pocket and a splash top that features hydro-adhesion technology. The gear bag has a mesh-panel for easy storage and drying. Overall, everything that is included in the set functions great.


1. US Divers Diva Snorkel Set

This is a women’s snorkel gear package that features everything that you require to get started with this sport. The set includes a diva 1 LX mask, trek fin, island-dry LX snorkel as well as a convenient carrying bag. The mask is made of hypoallergenic silicone face-skirt that provides ultimate comfort. It has pinch and pull pro-glide buckles to help you have a custom fit. The set comes with a 2 years warranty.


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