Top 6 USB OTG Flash Drive Reviews

A USB On-the-Go or OTG plays a vital role in our everyday life. You need it to exchange files between your mobile devices and computer whether for personal or business use. Portability, affordability, and versatility of USB OTG make them ideal for your everyday use. Perhaps, it gives you total peace of mind knowing that your files stay safe and available wherever you go. USB OTG offers full USB device functionality. They also provide limited USB host functionality for all your handheld PC peripherals. They are also a solution for communication between your mobile devices or any other USB peripheral. You can use it to support all the low, medium and high-speed devices. Some top leads you must consider when buying a USB OTG include speed, adaptability to environmental conditions, capacity. In case you need one, then here are the top 6 best USB OTG Flash Drive reviews to guide you.


6. HooToo iPhone Flash Drive USB 3.0 Lighting Connector 32 GB

This USB OTG allows you to transfer your files from iPad or iPhone to your computer quickly. It has a zooming reading speed of up to 80MB/s and 30MB/s writing speed for the USB 3.0 and 30MB/s reading and 10MB/s writing speed for all lighting ports. It provides you with the best backup space for your critical files hence you will never have to worry about lost data. Apart from being inexpensive, it is also ultra light in weight. Listen to music and watch your favorite movies right from the device with ease. This drive is compatible with a broad range of devices and operating systems. The 32GB is ample space for all your storage needs.


5. Samsung USB 3.0 OTG 64GB Flash Drive

This is a versatile drive that features a slim metallic design making it highly portable and durable. It is compatible with many devices including USB 2.0. It can withstand high temperatures, magnetic shock, X-Rays and water damage. It provides ceiling transfer speeds of 130MB/s. 64GB implies that you will store hundreds and thousands of your stuff. It does not come with any preloaded junk but only clean drive designed for all your individual needs. It is a handy drive that is sturdily built with your needs in the mind.


4. Stellar Boost XT 64GB OTG Flash Drive

With Read and write speeds of 110MB/s and 20MB/s, you will enjoy using this OTG flash drive. Stellar Boost XT is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, Linux, Mac X and others. In fact, it does not need you to install any drivers for you to use it. It is highly portable hence no reason to miss your important files wherever you travel. It has a well-thought rugged design that makes it adapt and withstand all forms of impacts including drops and bumps.


3. Corsair Flash Voyager 64GB OTG USB 3.0 Micro Flash Drive

Moving and copying files between your devices and desktop is made far much simple and dramatic with this drive. You do not need any application or driver to use this device. It is highly compatible with various operating systems such as Windows 8,7, Vista, XP, Mac and Linux among other operating systems. Ensure that your files are safe and easy to access wherever you go with this drive. It is the solution to your backup storage problems. It is small in size and measures only 37 mm in length meaning, you can take it with you wherever you travel.


2. Kingston Digital 32GB Data Traveler USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive

This is a standard USB OTG that also enables you host functionality in some of your mobile devices with micro USB ports. It is very easy to transfer your files with this ultra-small pocket-sized drive. It is the best drive to use for storing your important large files whenever you want to travel. It is equipped with a rotating cap that helps protect against possible damages. A lanyard is included to enable you to carry safely by attaching to your keyring. Your critical files are always at your fingertips when you have Kingston Digital Flash Drive.


1. SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 OTG 64GB Flash Drive

This is a versatile drive that has dual micro-USB. It provides excellent performance with super fast transfer speeds of up to 130MB/s. No waiting for several minutes for your files to be transferred. It is the best drive you can rely on for full backup of your essential files. It is backed up by a generous 5-year limited warranty. You are always guaranteed to take your files to wherever you go whenever you have this drive. It works pretty well with all USB 3.0 and 2.0. The overall quality of this drive is unrivaled. It is the best flash drive you can buy on the market.



File transfer is made easier and hassle-free with the new USB OTG Flash Drives. You do not need to carry a whole computer with you, or stress yourself up looking for your files in emails and other inconvenient means. Get a good USB OTG from the top brands above.

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