Top 8 Silhouette Cameo Tool Bundle Reviews

Every successful craftsmanship starts and ends with good quality tools and equipment. Silhouette Cameo is reputable for top quality performance. They are mainly dedicated to providing excellent tools that match the needs of most users around the world. Though Silhouette Cameo tools use small blades to cut, they are very efficient in cutting various types of materials including vinyl and fabric materials. The advantage with Silhouette Cameo tools is that it comes with all the essential accessories required for top notch artwork. Besides, Silhouette Cameo tools are inclusive of detailed DIY manuals that aid you in case you are new to it. There are various Silhouette Cameo tools you can come across. If you think you can take your craftsmanship to the next level given the right tools, then here are the top 8 best Silhouette Cameo tools bundle reviews to tip you out.


1. Silhouette Cameo Tool Bundle

Cut all the fonts on your computer with this tool bundle. It is inclusive of numerous signs you can download from Silhouette store. What you will love most about this brand are the extras that come with it such as extra mat, hook, a spatula and a free PC/ Mac compatible software. It has been designed for personal use and suits various applications making it one most versatile tool bundle. It is fully featured and is easy to use. It is a perfect choice for paper crafting, vinyl décor, custom apparel, cards, sketch designs and other glass-etched projects. It is amazingly great and will make your crafting all fun.


2. Silhouette Cameo Starter Bundle

Cut a wide variety of materials by using this model. It cuts papers, vinyl, cardstock, fabric, heat transfer materials, among others. Ideally, it allows you to cut over 100 types of materials. Continuous internet connection is not necessary for this bundle to operate. You also enjoy the convenience of over 50,000 already-designed shapes available from the store or create yours. For seamless operations, this unit has a highly responsive touch control display that is easy to use.


3. Silhouette Cameo Touch Screen Starter Bundle with Vinyl Kit

This is a new model that is user-friendly and ideal for any serious craftsman. Right from the word  this toolkit will allow you create as many projects as you want. With the use of a USB cable, you can easily connect it to your computer. It also comes with a starter manual to help you in case you cannot catch up with it quickly. Otherwise, it is a highly intuitive and easy to use tool bundle.


4. Silhouette Cameo Heat Transfer Starter Kit Bundle

A touch screen control makes this unit generationally suitable. Rather than printing, this starter kit utilizes its small blades to cut paper, vinyl, fabric cardstock or any other material. It is PixScan compatible hence allows you to register and cut all your printed materials. You can control it from your computer. It is light in weight and can be carried with ease.


5. Silhouette Cameo Bundle with PixScab Mat

This model includes all the ideal extras needed for your craftsmanship. Besides, it also features tutorials and inspirations perfect for your artwork. The pens featured in this package are great and fun to use. If you have ever wanted to make your cutting easy, then this is the bundle to go to.


6. Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit 2 Cutting Blades and Glitter Pens

This is the most advanced option in the Silhouette Cameo tools line. It allows you to create unique projects with ease. It is flexible and can be easily plugged into a computer or Mac. In fact, it comes with software that is compatible with various Windows versions and Mac OS. The pens that are included can be used as blades as well. It is so trendy to use.


7. Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Starter Kit with PixScan Cutting Mat

A cutting mat is included as a bonus. It features a very powerful program that allows you to create your projects in your style. It effectively cuts a variety of materials making it the most versatile tool ever. It is not complicated in any way, and you can even use it pretty well without any guide. It delivers more precise cuts every time you use. The convenience of downloading the various design projects and creating them to reality makes everything fun.


8. Silhouette Cameo Starter Kit Bundle with 5 Kits and Project Guide

This is a popular model that is adored by most people. All the items included in this bundle work great. If you are first time user of Silhouette tools, and then this is highly recommended for you. It comes with a booklet of instructions and DVDs for additional guides. It also has software that works incredibly. It is also backed by a great customer service. You can use it to cut cardstock, paper, fabric and much more.



Silhouette Cameo pride of a full line of top quality tool bundles all crafted to aid elevate your crafting experience.

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